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Copiah keeps incumbents, except sheriff

Copiah County voters have overwhelmingly re-elected most of the county’s Democrat incumbents, voted in a new sheriff and have three races still to decide.

In the biggest upset in the primary election Aug. 6, more than 60 percent of voters elected Hazlehurst Police Chief Byron Swilley as sheriff. Swilley unseated incumbent Sheriff Harold Jones in the Democrat primary.

The sheriff’s race has been decided because there were no Republican or independent candidates. There are no Republican candidates in the local elections, keeping the county a Democrat stronghold.

Only one local race will be decided in the run-off election on Aug 27, though three state races will also be on the ballot, said Copiah County Circuit Clerk Edna Stevens.

The race for Constable Post 2 pits Democrats Chris Granger and Larry Smith against each other in the run-off. They are the only candidates in the race.

Two county supervisor races will be decided in the general election on Nov. 5.

Incumbent District 1 Supervisor Daryl McMillian Sr., winner of the Democrat primary, faces independent candidate Sue Barlow Johnson.

Incumbent District 5 Supervisor Dwayne Thompson, winner of the Democrat primary, faces independents Judson Jackson and Darren “Big D” Powell.

Three county supervisor races were decided at the primaries, with no Republican or independent opposition. The three winners are incumbents.

District 2 Supervisor Terry Channell received 99.65 percent of the vote. His area includes the town of Wesson, which is on the Lincoln County line and is the home of Copiah-Lincoln Community College.

District 3 Supervisor Perry Hood received 74 percent of the vote, District 4 Supervisor Kenneth Ray Powell won with 88.46 percent, and Kenneth Ray Powell won with 88.40 percent.


Here’s a summary of votes in the Democrat primary election on Aug. 6:

Chancery Clerk: Steve Amos, 6,377 (99.9 percent); six write-ins.

Circuit Clerk: Edna Stevens, 6,317 votes (99.89 percent); seven write-ins.

Coroner: Ellis Stuart, 6, 217 (99.6 percent); 25 write-ins.

County Attorney: Elise Munn, 5,918 (99.7 percent); 14 write-ins.

Sheriff: Byron Swilley, 4,284 votes (61.81 percent); Harold Jones, 2,646 votes; one write-in.

Tax Assessor: Todd Mooney, 6,186 (99.9 percent); six write-in votes.

Tax Collector: April Holloway, 6,465 (99.91 percent); six write-ins.

District Supervisor 1: Daryl McMillian, 1,522 (98.26 percent); 27 write-ins.

District Supervisor 2: Terry Channell, 1,146 (99.69 percent); four write-ins.

District Supervisor 3: Perry Hood, 1,207 (74.19 percent); Kenneth “Hog: Ramsey, 302; Guy Young, 118.   

District Supervisor 4: Kenneth Ray Powell, 1,043 (88.4 percent); Mose Stovall, 133; 3 write-ins.

District Supervisor 5: Dwayne Thompson, 597 (54.27 percent); Scott Barnes, 490; 13 write-ins.

Justice Court Post 1: Teresa G. Bozeman, 2,001 (55.2 percent); Mona Lisa Carr, 1,624.

Justice Court Post 2: Vicki Bass Ramsey, 2,877 (99.65 percent; 10 write-ins.

Constable Post 1: Jimmy Dale White, 3,425 (99.62 percent); 13 write-ins.

Constable Post 2: Chris Granger, 1,481 (48.23 percent); Larry Smith, 863 (28.1 percent); Wayne “Foots” Roberts, 725 (23.61 percent); two write-ins.

Story by Robin Eyman