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Falvey: Board needs to take action

An elected official on the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors continued to express concerns — this time in a payroll meeting Wednesday — about the debt that County Administrator David Fields owed the state.

District 5 Supervisor Doug Falvey said he fears county officials could be fined again in the future.

“We’ve done nothing to correct it,” Falvey said. “The board has not done anything at all.”

Part of the debt included $1,668 in interest from late payroll reimbursement checks over a three-year period.

Auditor Shad White’s office told The Daily Leader the administrator’s debt has been paid in full and Fields said payments are caught up. But Falvey said he wanted confirmation in writing from county attorney Bob Allen that the county was legally in the clear.

Allen was on vacation and not available for comment.

“I don’t want to be hard to get along with,” Falvey said. “But we’ve already been fined once, and I don’t want to be fined again. That’s all I’m asking. I asked Bob about it and I haven’t got an answer.”

The board voted 4-0 to approve the payroll Wednesday.

District 1 Supervisor and Board President Jerry Wilson was absent from the meeting.

Falvey did vote to approve the payroll, but said he did not approve of the entry for Fields.

Falvey voted against keeping Fields as county administrator in a May 22 vote.

Investigators from the auditor’s office also claimed that Lincoln County supervisors voted to improperly pay the salary of a chancery clerk employee with county funds, causing a demand of $22,664 from Falvey along with District 2 Supervisor Bobby Watts, District 3 Supervisor Nolan Williamson and District 4 Supervisor Eddie Brown. The four were issued demand letters from the state auditor May 15 for voting to improperly pay one of Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop’s employees for performing bookkeeping services for the clerk’s office. Each demand received by the supervisors is worth $5,666 and includes investigative costs and interest.

Bishop paid the demand for each of the four supervisors, he said.

Falvey denied Wednesday that the vote ever took place, despite it being recorded in the minutes.

When asked for comment, Falvey said he didn’t know how the vote was recorded on the minutes.

“I wish I knew,” Falvey said. “I wish I knew. But it was not in the minutes at the board meeting, I’ll tell you that.”