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Honor the memory of fallen officers

Two Brookhaven police officers killed in the line of duty last year were remembered on the anniversary of their deaths.

A memorial bench at the police department is etched with the words: Heroes live forever.

It’s a fitting tribute to two men who died serving and protecting their city. Patrolman James White and Cpl. Zach Moak were remembered as standing for what is right.

“Today we gather with hurting hearts because of what could have been. We gather in their memory because not only do we love them but we love what they stood for,” Rev. Jeff Davis of Wellman Baptist Church said at a memorial service Sunday. “They stood for right. They stood for law and order, family and friends. They stood in between us and unrighteousness and evil in the world.”

The families and friends of these men will never forget their sacrifice. They will cry through missed birthdays and Christmases.  The city of Brookhaven and its police department won’t forget either. Officers on the force will think of them every time they respond to a call.

But the rest of us — those who didn’t know them personally and are not employed by a law enforcement agency — shouldn’t forget them either. They paid an unthinkable price for serving the citizens of Brookhaven.

Their families did, too. They should remembered as well.

We hope everyone will find ways to encourage their families and honor the memories of White and Moak, this year and in the years to come.