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Drama is a reminder of consequences of choices

Actions have consequences.

That’s the message of the “Judgement House” walk-through drama to be presented by Clear Branch Baptist Church this weekend.

The church will walk people in groups through six scenes chronicling a person’s life and their choices. The church will take in groups of 20 every 15 minutes, and the presentation is about an hour long.

“I don’t want to give too much away,” Student Minister Crystal Stringer said. “But there’s an event that takes place, and you see where that affects their eternity after death.”

Stringer said the drama serves as a reminder of the effects our choices have during out lifetime, and after.

“It’s a realistic representation of what goes on around us,” she said. “We try to push away the idea the reality of death. It’s easier for us to pretend that there’s nothing after. We try to focus on today. The reality is we’re all facing an eternity.”

With over 100 people working on the presentation, Stringer said it’s a major undertaking for the church. They put on the presentation every other year, and this will be the fifth year performing it.

For younger children, Stringer said parental discretion is advised.

“We don’t recommend it for children 10 and under,” she said. “There’s a hell scene. There’s a lot of things that might raise some questions. But it’s up to the parents. There’s no blood and gore or spook-house sort of things.”

Stringer said there is a $3 suggested donation for attending the event, but it isn’t a requirement. Because groups may have to wait to get in, there will also be concessions available.

It will be held Saturday and Sunday from 5 until 9 p.m. and again on Oct. 23 from 6 until 9 p.m. According to Stringer, walk-ups are welcome, but it’s better for people to call ahead and reserve a spot on the schedule.

The church is located at 2166 Clear Branch Lane NE, Wesson. For more information, call 601-833-3300.