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A little honesty in politics would go a long way

U.S. Rep. Michael Guest of Mississippi released a statement Monday that we feel is worth highlighting.

The Republican, referring to Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, said: “Mr. Schiff misled the American people in his re-telling of President Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and has displayed a history of misguiding the American people in a way that is not becoming of a Member of the House of Representatives,” Guest said. “Honesty is one of the highest virtues of elected office and one that must be held above political gamesmanship. An honest public servant is expected to deliver the truth to the American public.”

Guest voted to bring a resolution to the House floor to censure Schiff. The resolution was eventually tabled.

We applaud Guest for his convictions and his courage in calling for honesty in politics. If there’s anything politics needs more of, it’s truth.

We just wonder, however, if Guest has bothered to listen to the words of the man he is so passionately defending. Last time we checked, President Trump has more problems with the truth than the night sky has stars.

Have all presidents lied? You bet. Have all politicians lied. Of course. Has every person on earth lied? If they are old enough to speak, they have lied. But Trump does so with such frequency that it appears he is unaware of the difference between truth and lies.

So, yes Congressman Guest, the American people deserve more honesty. As for Schiff, you said: “He must be held accountable for his actions.”

We, and most Americans we hope, are comfortable with that high standard for politicians. But let’s apply it to all politicians.

If misleading the American people is “not becoming of a member of the House” it certainly is not becoming of a president.