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You asked: Can I get a different trash cart?

Q: The 95-gallon garbage carts from Arrow Disposal Service are too big. What can I do?

A: According to Brookhaven Alderwoman-at-Large Karen Sullivan, some people in the city find the 95-gallon garbage carts too big for their households.

“It’s mainly one-person households of a certain age who find the 95-gallon cart cumbersome and definitely bigger than they need,” Sullivan said.

Arrow Disposal Service Inc. now offers an alternative. Residents who would prefer a smaller cart can now swap out their 95-gallon cart with a more manageable 65-gallon cart free of charge.

On the other hand, some households with more members might find themselves filling up their 95-gallon carts before garbage day. An additional cart can be purchased by calling the corporate office at 866-440-3983.

“Please take this alternative cart if you need it, and always avoid using your recycling cart as a garbage cart,” Sullivan said in a Facebook post.

Arrow’s Brookhaven and Lincoln County manager Charles Lungrin said it’s important to only put appropriate items in the recycling bin.

“When (people) put diapers or glass bottles in it, it contaminates the whole load and we can’t dispose of it,” he said.

Additional recycling bins can also be purchased by calling the corporate office. The recycling program is available in the city only, not in the county.