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County votes to allow travel league baseball to resume

The Lincoln County Civic Center is set to resume travel league baseball per COVID-19 guidelines.

On Monday, the Board of Supervisors met and heard from Lincoln Civic Center manager Quinn Jordan. Jordan came before the board to request that travel league baseball be allowed to resume in Lincoln County.

In a unanimous vote, travel league baseball was approved to resume.

City league baseball started back up in mid June after the season was paused due to the outbreak of coronavirus. When the board approved the civic center of holding league baseball, this did not include travel ball.

Since the season has started back, the civic center, parents and players have been required to follow guidelines set out by the Governor’s orders and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This has included social distancing and limiting the amount of people at the baseball complex.

Bleachers and picnic tables were removed, and signs were posted around the complex.

Jordan announced to the board that the season has been successful so far, even with the guidelines set in place.

“It’s been going great,” Jordan said. “Our community has really enjoyed the season so far.”

Since the season resumed, Jordan or another member of his staff supervises the complex during game times to make sure CDC guidelines are being followed.

“There will be someone from the main office there to watch,” Jordan said. “If our league people aren’t doing what’s right, I’ll kick them out.”

Jordan made the request for travel league baseball to resume so the complex could generate more revenue.

“Travel ball is mainly what pays our bills,” Jordan said. “The only way to pay overhead costs is to generate revenue.”

While COVID-19 case numbers have risen across the state, Jordan said his staff is prepared to do whatever is needed to keep players and parents safe.

“We’re willing and ready to respond if things change,” Jordan said. “I think our outdoor events will be affected the least.”


Story by Gracie Byrne