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COVID-19 update: Statewide daily cases dropping

The rate of coronavirus cases appears to be dropping as Mississippi prepares for the fall season.

On Friday, the Mississippi Department of Health released the latest COVID-19 statistics. There have been 91,935 cases and 2,780 deaths statewide since the start of the pandemic in March.

There were a total of 1,044 cases recorded for Lincoln County. There have been 53 deaths related to the coronavirus. There have been 142 total LTC facility cases and 32 LTC facility deaths for this area.

For students in public school grades K-12, a total of 10 COVID-19 cases have been recorded for Lincoln County. This number includes students, teachers and staff in public schools inside and outside the Brookhaven city limits.

On Friday, there were 497 new cases and 12 new deaths reported statewide. The deaths listed by county were unavailable due to MSDH data reporting delays.

There were 131 current long-term care facility outbreaks. An occurrence is considered an outbreak if a single COVID-19 infection is confirmed in an LTC facility resident or if more than one infection is found in employees or staff in a 14-day period.

Hospitalizations due to the coronavirus have dropped, but they are still occurring. As of Friday, there were 503 patients in hospitals statewide due to COVID-19. A total of 169 are in intensive care beds and 95 are on ventilator machines.

According to MSDH, 78,971 individuals are presumed to have recovered from the coronavirus.

Testing is still constantly being conducted to detect COVID-19, and a total of 696,801 tests have been conducted in Mississippi, with 626,881 being for positive detection of the virus, 29,016 for antibodies and 40,904 for antigens.

Local testing is available at King’s Daughters Medical Center. The COVID-19 screening site is located behind the Emergency Room and will be open to the public 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m-2 p.m. Saturday & Sunday.

The COVID-19 screening site can be entered at the back of the hospital via Brookman Drive.

This screening is for individuals 12 years of age and up. Call 601-835-9455 to make an appointment.