The vote to legalize marijuana was moral insanity

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2020

There is a pandemic going on across this country that is having a devastating effect upon thousands and thousands of lives and families and cost billions of dollars each year. No, I am not talking about the coronavirus. I am talking about the drug epidemic that has maimed, killed and destroyed so many thousands of people.

But what does the State of Mississippi do? Legalize one of the drugs involved in the epidemic. With all the maiming of individuals and families and the untold cost associated with the drug industry, does this make any sense? An emphatic NO! Rather, it is moral insanity! Someone is treating this as a panacea just as was done with the gambling industry.

If the true costs and actual harm of these faux pas solutions for state budgets was added up, these irrational decisions cannot be justified. The problem is, no one has ever tried to calculate the true cost of such folly. Considering the negative impact to individuals and families, I am appalled that people would vote for such things, even in Franklin County. Have we all lost our collective minds?

There is ONLY ONE very real cure that benefits everyone at no financial cost. His name is Jesus. He came into this world to heal broken lives and broken families and the temporal and eternal benefits are glorious beyond compare. All that is required is for one to bow his heart to His Lordship. In Christ Jesus, one becomes a new creation where (the past and) old things have passed away and all things have become new. One is offered a new beginning. There is absolutely nothing else that offers such a profound opportunity and benefit.

Personally, I have never done drugs but I can attest to the changes in one’s life when Christ Jesus is invited in and allowed to make the changes He sees fit to make. And there is none other who can provide such changes and offer everlasting, eternal benefits. And what is the financial cost? Nothing, as it is available to all, freely and without cost.

Carl Cupit