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Church continues with annual live nativity

Lincoln County residents who would like to see the baby Jesus but would prefer to do it from the warmth of their own vehicles will have a chance to do that starting Friday.

New Sight Baptist Church, at 629 Forest Trail NE, will present its drive-through live nativity Friday-Sunday from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. nightly and again Dec. 20 at the same time, all weather-permitting.

“It’s drive-through and therefore COVID-free,” said coordinator Brenda Foster.

Foster and her small crew have just about completed setting up everything for the four-night event and are excited about people coming out to see it.

“It’s pretty. It looks good,” Foster said.

The annual outreach event began in 2008, giving attendees a chance to experience scenes from the birth of Christ. Live actors and live animals — including donkeys, llamas and goats — will be staged in well-lit scenes as vehicles pass slowly by.

The drive will take approximately 15-20 minutes from beginning to end, Foster said, but attendees should expect the process to take 30 minutes to an hour due to wait times. Some like to arrive early to avoid longer waits, she said.

“Some people make it a family tradition,” said Foster. “They bring hot chocolate and drive through and make it a family event.”

The church does not charge admission for the event, preferring it to be accessible to everyone. But anyone who chooses to make a donation can be assured it will be used for the next year’s production.

“We are always trying to make it better each year,” Foster said.