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COVID update: 2 more deaths in Lincoln County

Two more people in Lincoln County have died from COVID-19 related causes.

The deaths occurred between Nov. 8 and Dec. 7, and were two of 56 new deaths reported statewide Tuesday by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

New test results numbered 1,732 and 206 current outbreaks were reported in long-term care facilities.

Case totals are updated daily by MSDH based on test results from the previous day. Repeated tests for the same individual are counted only once. County case numbers and deaths change as investigation finds new or additional information.

Lincoln County now has 2,107 reported cases and 69 deaths. The county’s LTC facility cases and deaths have not changed, remaining at 166 and 36, respectively.

As of Nov. 28, 10% of Lincoln Countians getting tested for COVID were testing positive for the virus. For the final week of November, 74 cases were attributed to community transmission — having resulted from contact with an infected person outside of the person’s family residence — and one was affiliated with an outbreak in an LTC facility.

Mississippi has now recorded 167,926 total cases — 128,635 confirmed and 39,291 probable — and 4,017 deaths — 3,442 confirmed and 575 probable.

Confirmed cases and deaths are generally determined by positive PCR tests, which detect the presence of ongoing coronavirus infection.

Probable cases are those who test positive by other testing methods such as antibody or antigen, and have recent symptoms consistent with COVID-19, indicating a recent infection.

Probable deaths are those individuals with a designation of COVID-19 as a cause of death on the death certificate, but where no confirmatory testing was performed.

MSDH presumes 136,627 people have recovered from the virus.