It’s all a matter of balance, and right focus

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, January 20, 2021

It’s all a matter of balance. Anyone who has dealt with inner ear problems knows what balance and focus means.
Medically speaking, small crystals in the inner ear give a person balance. If these crystals begin to float out of place, dizziness takes over. You get sick to your stomach and will upchuck the last bean in your stomach. The room swirls. You are drunk even though you have never had a teaspoon of liquor in your life. You cannot stand on your feet. You hit the wall or the floor. Trust me, I know!

It is awful and you feel helpless. Medication does almost nothing to relieve your distress. Spinning, spinning, spinning. You cannot help yourself or anyone else. The only thing that seems to alleviate the problem is to find a certain position, sit very still, breathe long, deep breaths and focus your eyes on one certain spot. Do not turn your head, bend over or move. Keep your eyes on one thing. Keep your eyes focused without moving them. Try not to close them. Be still and focus.

This world is spinning out of control. It would seem that demons are flitting about and taking control of everything we once depended on or knew. Everything is crazy. What was right seems to have turned upside down. What was good is now called bad and what was bad is now called good. Out of balance, for sure. And yes, it makes us sick at our stomachs. We feel like throwing up. We can’t move. We are silenced and sick and almost helpless.

What to do? We focus. We find a quiet spot. We get still. We look at one thing and one thing only. That one thing is Jesus. He is our source of balance. This world is crazy, but a long, steady look at him and to him gets our heads straightened out. Hey, America! Turn your eyes upon Jesus. He is our answer. Look to Jesus and live (Numbers 21, John 3:14).

This letter to the editor was submitted by Joyce Sandifer of Brookhaven