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KDMC will open phone lines Wednesday for third shipment of vaccines

King’s Daughters Medical Center will be receiving a third shipment of the Moderna vaccine with phone lines opening Wednesday at 2 p.m.

On Tuesday, KDMC will receive confirmation of how many doses of the Moderna vaccine will be available to the community. Vaccines are expected to arrive to the hospital late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.

This round of vaccines is open to ages 65 and up, along with ages 18-64 with underlying conditions.

“We’re not sure yet, but it’s approximately 200,” Director of Marketing David Culpepper said. “We won’t know exactly how many until they hit the door.”

The first two shipments of vaccines received by the hospital were only allotted for ages 75 and up, but now the vaccine is open to all ages.

“We received clearance from the Health Department,” Culpepper said. “We’re wide open at this point.”

With phone lines opening at 2 p.m., Culpepper expects Wednesday to be hectic.

“They’re probably going to be flooded again, but we’ll manage it,” Culpepper said.

The third round of vaccines will be administered Friday evening. The event will start around 4:30 p.m.

Culpepper said he sees the third vaccine event as another opportunity to combat the coronavirus.

“Every time we give the vaccines, we want people to know that hope is on the way,” Culpepper said. “And we can continue to do the things we’re doing and get out of where we’re at (with the pandemic).”

The first shipment received by the hospital was administered on Jan. 9. Those individuals should receive their second dose of the vaccine in February.

“We’ll be reaching out to those individuals so they can receive their second vaccine,” Culpepper said.