Jail docket: 19 arrests Friday-Tuesday

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lincoln County Jail Docket, Friday-Tuesday

  • John Joseph Busby, 06/03/1981, 2268 Bethel Road — arrested for grand larceny, by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Mitchell Lambert, 09/27/1963, 383 Drange Road, Silver Creek — arrested for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance, by LCSO.
  • Robert D. Cates, 09/22/1964, 1369 Big Creek Drive #4 — arrested on indictment, by LCSO.
  • Bradley Smith, 06/16/1975, 975 Wellman Drive — arrested for no seatbelt, littering, misdemeanor possession of controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, driving with license suspended, by Mississippi Highway Patrol.
  • Daniel Jent, 08/21/1991, 611 Ervin — arrested for shoplifting, by Brookhaven Police Department.
  • Jimmy Moyers, 12/31/1961, 320 Georgia Ave. — arrested for shoplifting, by BPD.
  • Daniel Earl Upton, 01/09/1988, 1876 New Sight Drive — arrested for possession of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids in a motor vehicle, DUI first, by LCSO.
  • Akera Sanchez Reese, 08/21/1987, 638 Chestnut, Bogue Chitto — arrested for DUI first, no auto insurance, by LCSO.
  • Daylan Stephon Browder, 11/14/1998, 1331 Brignall Road — arrested for disorderly conduct/disobeying lawful order, Mississippi Department of Corrections warrant, by BPD.
  • Tyler Daniel Smith, 06/22/1996, 1843 Oil Field Lane — arrested for DUI first, by BPD.
  • William Christopher Woodall, 12/29/2002, 1382 Smith Lake Drive NE — arrested for expired driver license, speeding 10-19 mph over limit, by LCSO.
  • Ladarrius Dalton, 09/02/1984, 900 Williams St. — arrested for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance, disobeying traffic control device, no driver license, city warrant, by BPD.
  • Darryl Lamont Blue, 10/31/1973, 722 Grand Plain Drive, Houston, Texas — arrested for trespassing, by BPD.
  • David Diaz Rodriguez, 05/19/1977, 11 SW King, Bogue Chitto — arrested for DUI first, by LCSO.
  • Brandy Kaye Lewis, 09/12/1978, 724 Norwood Ave., Monticello — arrested for possession of Schedule I controlled substance, by MHP.
  • Keith Goods, 03/28/1979, 256 Pineview Drive, Hazlehurst — hold for other agency, Copiah County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Armone Sims, 05/19/1997, 200 Pecan Hill Drive #20, Clinton — arrested for first degree murder, indictment, by BPD.
  • Tony Lamar Taylor, 07/24/1992, 300 Old Nelson Road #1 — arrested for aggravated assault domestic violence, by BPD.
  • Heather Renee Sisco, 02/19/1983, 3035 Maude Lane SW — arrested for resisting or obstructing arrest, simple assault domestic violence, by LCSO.


Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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