Less unemployment, more workers for county in July

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, August 28, 2021

July showed an increase in workers and a decrease in unemployment in Lincoln County.

Lincoln County had a labor force of 15,160 in July. In Lincoln, 930 people — 6.1% of the labor pool — said they were looking for work but unable to find employment.

In June, 130 fewer people were in the work force, but 100 additional people were out of work (6.9%).

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The state average for July was 6.7%. The national average was 5.7%.

In July 2020, Lincoln’s labor force was only 14,680 and 1,230 people (8.4%) were unable to find jobs. In one year, 480 additional workers have been added to the local work force and 300 fewer people are jobless. The average unemployment for the county over the past 12 months is 6%.

The labor force includes persons age 16 and older who are able to work and are either employed or looking for work. This number does not include full-time students, members of the Armed Forces or those with farm jobs, according to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

Mississippi’s July labor force was 1,289,300, with 98,200 unemployed, or 7.6%. One year ago, fewer people were in the work force and a greater number of people were without work. The labor force was only 1,141,800 and 121,100 were unemployed — a rate of 9.6%.

Nationwide, the U.S. had a labor force of approximately 162.16 million, with 9.88 million (6.1%) unemployed. In 2020, the work force was approximately 800,000 less and 7 million more people were without work — 10.5% of the available labor pool.

Rankin County remains the holder of the lowest percentage of unemployment at 4.5% for July. That percentage translates into 3,530 people looking for jobs, from a labor force of 77,610. Three counties have both larger labor pools and more unemployed — Harrison, 90,550 work force, 6.4% unemployment; DeSoto, 95,340 work force, 5.3% unemployed; and the state’s largest county, Hinds, with 107,290 in its work force and 7,750 people unemployed, 7.2%.

Jefferson County has the third-smallest labor force but the highest unemployment rate. The county has 1,960 in its labor pool but 390 (19.7%) out of work. Two counties have both smaller labor forces and fewer unemployed. Sharkey County has 1,520 in its labor pool and 150 people (10.1%) out of work. Issaquena has the state’s smallest labor force at 350 people, and 40 are unemployed, or 10.6%.

Counties bordering Lincoln County ranged from 7.8% to 19.7% — Copiah, 7.8%; Lawrence, 8.1%; Franklin, 8.6%; Walthall, 8.6%; Pike, 8.9%; Amite, 9.3%; and Jefferson, 19.7%.

Monthly estimates of the labor force, employment, unemployment and the unemployment rate are generated by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program, a cooperative program between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and State Employment Security Agencies. Statistics on the employment status of the population and related data are compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics using data from the Current Population Survey (CPS). The CPS is a monthly survey of households conducted by the US Census Bureau. It is a scientifically selected survey designed to represent the civilian non-institutional population of the United States.