COVID Update: 16.6% of state has had the virus

Published 12:00 pm Monday, October 11, 2021

Mississippi has recorded 495,312 cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus and 9,833 related deaths. Of the total 2.98 million population of the state, 16.6% of people have had positive test results and 3.3% of the population has died from related causes.

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1,041 new positive COVID-19 test results and 22 new deaths Monday.

The cases were for the three-day period of Oct. 8-10. Four deaths were reported for Oct. 7-8, and 18 deaths identified from death certificate reports were reported for Aug. 11-Oct. 4.

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Five percent of the new cases and 13% of the new deaths were in fully-vaccinated people. Eighty-five percent of all COVID-related hospitalizations have been in non-vaccinated individuals.

Lincoln County reported three new positive tests since Friday. The county has now had 5,390 cases (15.4% of total population) and 134 deaths (3.8% of the population).

The state’s three most densely populated counties — Hinds, Harrison and De Soto — also have the highest number of cases. Hinds County has had 31,680 cases (13.9% of its population) and 614 deaths (2.6%). Harrison County has reported 33,919 cases, or 16.3% of its population, and 525 deaths (2.5%). De Soto has recorded 31,670 cases — amounting to 17% of its population — and 393 deaths, or 2.1%.

Conversely, the three counties reporting the least number of cases and deaths are three of the four least-populated counties in the state — Issaquena, Sharkey and Jefferson.

Jefferson County has reported 941 cases and 34 deaths from a total population of 7,260. That’s 12.9% having tested positive and 4.6% fatalities. Though much fewer people have died in the county than many other places, its percentage comes close to doubling that of the largest counties.

There have been 636 cases and 20 deaths in Sharkey County, a territory populated by 3,800 people. The cases represent 16.7% of the county’s people and the 20 deaths are 5.3%.

In the state’s least-populated county, Issaquena, 193 cases and seven deaths have been reported from 1,338 residents — 14.4% of the county’s population have had COVID-19 and 5.2% have died as a result.

In counties bordering Lincoln County, the following has been reported to-date:

  • Amite — 2,026 cases, 53 deaths
  • Copiah — 4,399 cases, 89 deaths
  • Franklin — 1,187 cases, 28 deaths
  • Jefferson — 941 cases, 34 deaths
  • Lawrence — 2,099 cases, 38 deaths
  • Pike — 5,708 cases, 150 deaths
  • Walthall — 2,152 cases, 63 deaths