MDOT looking for some punny drivers

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The annual Mississippi Department of Transportation Safety Message Contest is back, and MDOT wants the puniest, cleverest messages it can find.

“MDOT is focused on safety,” said Executive Director Brad White. “We want the traveling public, as well as our roadside workers, to make it home every night. These messages you see along the roadways help remind drivers of easy ways to increase their safety when behind the wheel.”

The traffic safety messages appear on digital boards along highways and interstates. The messages are part of an effort to encourage drivers to change their behavior. Any local emergency messages or traffic updates will automatically override scheduled messages on the boards.

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Anyone can submit any number of messages to the contest, but there are some guidelines:

• The message must related to traffic safety.

• Signs can only accommodate three lines, with 21 characters per line, including spaces.

• No emojis, hashtags, phone numbers or website addresses.

Entries for 2022 should focus on the following themes:

• Speeding

• Distracted driving/texting and driving

• Seat belt safety

• Sober driving

• Work zone safety

• Turn signals/blinkers

• Left lane driving etiquette

The contest runs June 1-15, and details for submissions will be posted on MDOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages.