Ready for an exciting season

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, August 21, 2022

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend. 

Most of the school kids around us have started back to class already. The nearby University students have hit the ground running. Excitement seems to be in the air. But it’s not just time for class. It isn’t just time to buckle down and study. It’s football time!

I happen to live just a few yards from The University of West Alabama, my alma mater. When a good football game is being played in the stadium, pictured here, and the crowds are roaring, and the band is playing, we can hear a lot of it without ever leaving home.

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The student population of UWA basically doubles the town’s population when class is in session. But what do you see in my picture? The stadium is empty. There are plenty of seats available for spectators. The field is prepared for play. The lights and other equipment have been checked and rechecked and are ready to be switched into operation. But no one is there yet. And what would happen if it remained this way? Empty bleachers, polished equipment, play-worthy fields, and the like are of no good without people who have purchased tickets and come to watch the ball game.

Most churches spend a great deal of time keeping up their facilities, making necessary repairs, dusting and mopping, making sure the lights and sound equipment are all in order, and keeping the supply closet stocked. But how much time do we spend making sure other folks have been invited to join us?

The more fans at a ballgame, the more excitement and energy is brought. I’m not at all saying that a small congregation can’t be excited and full of Godly praise, because we most certainly can! My point is that there are so many others who have yet to get their tickets to the game. What are we doing about that?

If we spent half the time, energy, and money into preparing God’s house and His people for worship as we do in preparation for a football game, we would have an awesome upcoming season! If we got half as excited in our worship services as we do yelling at the players, either in person or on the television, just think how excited others might become!

“Are you ready for some football?!” I’m ready for an exciting season in God’s House!

Just a thought. ’Til later.

Rev. Brad Campbell,