Come travel with me

Published 4:35 pm Sunday, September 24, 2023

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend.

I want to tell you about a place that is like none other. It caters to those who travel the busy and treacherous highways and byways to offer them a place of rest and refreshment. This place is very large — it has mouthwatering foods and so many things to quench your thirst. This place can hold countless hundreds of people at one time and can meet the fueling needs of many others at the same time. No, I’m not talking about Heaven. I’m not even talking about the most famous place you’ve ever visited on your family vacations. I’m speaking of a gas station.

Yep, in case you’ve never heard of one, the name is Buc-ee’s (pronounced “buckees”). Its mascot is a beaver. And, it is a wonder in itself.

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These extremely large convenience stores are located mainly around the southeastern parts of the United States on main interstate highway thoroughfares. You can buy fuel for your vehicle or your body. Never has a human seen that many gas pumps in one place. Inside the store you can find anything you want to eat, from their famous brisket sandwiches to that awesome sweet bagged treat (my favorite) called “Beaver Nuggets.” You can eat supper and shop at the same time. Look around long enough and you could probably take care of all of your Christmas gift shopping while you’re at it. It’s big, it’s amazing, and it’s fun. I can say all of this because I’ve visited some of these establishments, and I know it to be true. There’s nothing like it.

I would never pretend to compare Buc-ee’s with Heaven. But give me a moment to tell you something else I know to be true. Heaven is real. It is huge. It can handle all of those who are already there, along with those who will one day arrive. Those inside will never hunger or thirst again, while they will also be provided with the endless supply of God’s dining table. Things you’ve never dreamed of will be there. People you didn’t expect to see there will be there! (Face it, some of the folks there just might be surprised when you show up, too!)

Heaven is available to all the weary travelers of this old world. Its sign(s) is readily seen. Its contents are readily available. Its treasures are insurmountable. As a Christian, all you need to do is to travel the right exit ramp, pull up to the front gate, and come on in. Those who have been fueled by His grace, committed to His narrow road, and saved by the blood of the Lamb will enter through the front gate, never to worry about the world’s troubles again. Although I’ve not been there yet, I can promise you there’s nothing like it!

Come. Travel with me!

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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