Local stores prepare for Christmas season

This Saturday, stores around Brookhaven will light up decorated windows and open doors to merchandise donned with festive colors for the city’s annual Christmas Open House.

“Brookhaven has got a wealth of retail specialty shops,” Kay Burton, Program Director at the Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, said. “And the Christmas Open House is our way of ushering in the Christmas season.”

The Christmas Open House has been a tradition in Brookhaven for over 20 years.

“It gets you into the Christmas spirit.” Burton said.

There are 33 stores participating in the Christmas Open House, and the event will see all of those stores arrayed in holiday splendor and offering shopping, refreshments, special events and in-store promotions.

Residents and passers-by of Brookhaven can get a sneak peak at the sight Thursday night when participating stores reveal their decorated holiday windows around the city.

“There’s something for everyone, women and men alike,” Burton said.

She said the event has been a way to encourage residents to shop local among the unique selection provided by the hometown stores.

“I think the event is unrivaled in the state,” Burton said. “It’s unreal.”