Assembly church honors first responders

Brookhaven First Assembly honored first responders on Sept. 11 in memory of those who died during the 2001 terrorist attacks.

BFA honored “Heroes in Uniform” for their service and dedication to the U.S. Among those honored were the Brookhaven Police Department, Brookhaven Fire Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, Mississippi Highway Patrol, the National Guard and EMS personnel.

“We are truly humbled at their dedication to providing a safe environment for everyone in our community, even if it cost them the ultimate sacrifice: their life,” said Matt Taylor, a family and children’s pastor at BFA. “We know that the heroes of our city don’t show up to work for honor and glory, but because it is their heart to serve others, and to ensure protection, safety, and justice. ‘Thank you!’ cannot be said enough to honor these heroic men and women.”

The church wanted to give back to these heroes for their constant sacrifice, so they provided a meal, gave gifts, read a thankful letter from Mayor Joe Cox, and honored them in a message provided by Assemblies of God Youth Alive Missionary Jody Dyess.

“Although our serving at a banquet will never compare to the service and sacrifice our Heroes in Uniform make every day, we wanted to show our love, support and compassion for them and their families,” Taylor said. “We wouldn’t be able to live in comfort and safety without them. Whether it is protection on the streets, rescue from an accident, protecting our country, or saving families from a burning home, our Heroes run toward the situation when it would be so easy to run the other way, because of this, it is our honor to serve the true Heroes of our community.”