Local students represent Lincoln County at the Miss. State Fair.

Sara Terell, 18, began showing livestock when she was 13. Her mom showed, her uncle showed, and she’s working on getting her nephews out in the ring. For her it is a family event.



“It teaches a sense of responsibility,” said Terell. “You have to do it yourself if you want the best animal. Everyone I talk to I tell them to check it out and see that in the end it will help you in life.”

Terell will be showing a bull at the Mississippi State Fair this week and is already getting nostalgic about aging out of the event.

“I have met so many people all across the nation in 4-H,” said Terell. “Getting involved in 4-H and FFA is a good thing. It teaches respect, and your character shows it. These people would give you the shirt off their back to pitch in, and it’s a community thing.”

After graduation Terell plans to attend Mississippi State University and study animal and dairy sciences.

Brandt White, 15, is part of Enterprise School’s FFA program and is showing cows at the Mississippi State Fair this week.

“I’ve always been around cows my whole life,” said White. “The first time I tried showing I really liked it, so I stuck with it.”



White got involved with the program when he was 10 years old through his friendship with the FFA adviser. He shows animals in various expos across the south. Even though he enjoys showing the animals, White said his favorite part of showing is being able to see old friends that he has met throughout the years.

“The people I meet are really nice and have similar background as me. I have become pretty good friends with these people,” said White.

After graduation, White plans to attend Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

“I’ve been able to learn so much about agriculture and animals,” said White. “I’ve gotten so much more responsible.”

Jeffrey Kramer, 16, enjoys the animal aspect of Loyd Star’s FFA.

“People say I have a natural knack for it,” said Kramer. “I enjoy the show ring and working with the animals. I just love what I’m doing.”



Kramer is showing cattle and goats at the Mississippi State Fair. He said he started in FFA around 11 by showing goats, and as he got older and more experienced he added cows.

“I enjoy working with animals and helping other people with their animals,” said Kramer. “It’s not just about showing livestock, we learn stuff you use in life.”

After graduation Kramer plans to pursue a degree in diesel mechanics.

Zane Rushing, 16, has grown up with livestock, so when his uncle asked him to star showing cows in the eighth grade, it was only natural that he enjoyed it.

“My first time I was real nervous and scared, but now when I show I’m laid back and not too worried about it,” said Rushing. “You are as scared to do things wrong because you learn from your mistakes.”



Rushing is part of the West Lincoln FFA program and enjoys meeting people with similar interests as himself. He said even though he enjoys showing animals, FFA has a lot of other activities to offer such as singing or sewing.

Rushing will be showing heifers and steers at the Mississippi State Fair this week.

After graduation Rushing plans to pursue a degree in diesel mechanics.