Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:34am Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Saturday, Sunday and Monday were as follows:

• Public assistance on Chippewa St.

• Theft on Old Highway 51.

• Loitering on Monticello St.

• Welfare check on Highway 51.

• Broken water line on McNair Ave.

• Vandalism on Second St.

• Loud noises on Williams St.

• Ambulance assistance on Smith St.

• Suspicious activity on Brookway Blvd.

• Met complainant on Railroad Ave.

• Four-wheeler on Natchez Ave.

• Welfare check on Jackson St.

• Customer problem on Jackson St.

• Alarm on Brookway Blvd.

• Theft on Old Wesson Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Choctaw St.

• Met complainant on Railroad St.

• Traffic accident on Highway 51.

• Alarm on Brookway Blvd.

• Alarm on Church St.

• Alarm on Whitworth Ave.

• Suspicious vehicle on Highway 51.

• Ambulance assistance on Gleason Loop.

• Disturbance on Brookway Blvd.

• Loud music on First St.

• Suspicious subject on Beauregard St.

• Assault on Eastview Drive.

• Public assistance on Williams St.

• Harassment on Martin Luther King Drive.

• Ambulance assistance in Cloverdale.

• Met complainant in Cloverdale.

• Firearm discharged on Short St.

• Disturbance on Bryant St.

• Disturbance on Evelyn St.


• One for careless driving.

• Six for speeding.

• One for no driver’s license.

• Three for no proof of insurance.

• One for driving without headlights.

• Two for improper tag.


• Two funeral escorts.

• Four security escorts.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Saturday, Sunday and Monday were as follows:

• Structural fire on Old Wesson Road.

• Livestock on road on Pleasant Grove Drive.

• Complaint on Nola Road NE.

• Funeral escort on Jackson Liberty Drive.

• Traffic accident on Jackson Liberty Drive NW.

• Domestic disturbance on Pricedale Drive SE.

• Complaint on Hopewell Road.

• Unlock vehicle on Highway 51 North.

• Vandalism on West Lincoln Drive.

• Complaint on Nola Road.

• Burglary on Caleb Drive SE.

• Complaint on Monticello St.

• Suspicious person at Auburn Grocery.

• Complaint on Overpass Trail SE.

• Repossession on Hunters Road SE.

• Complaint on Fern Lane NW.

• Complaint on Katie Trail.

• Complaint on Pleasant Grove Drive SE.

• Complaint on Mallalieu Drive SE.

• Complaint on Rainbow Lane.

• Intoxicated driver on Old Red Star Drive.

• Medical assistance on Evans Loop SE.

• Traffic accident on Noah Trail NW.

• Complaint on Jackson Liberty Drive.

• Traffic accident on Cade Lane NW.

• Complaint on Bouie Mill Road NW.

• Directed traffic at Brookhaven Academy.

• Funeral escort on Highway 583.

• Complaint on Bouie Mill Road NW.

• Theft on Big Ern Trail NW.

• Suspicious person on Oil Field Lane NW.

• Complaint on Justice St.

• Vandalism on California Road NW.


Two funeral escorts.