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Waking up to new COVID-19 realities

So I thought we needed a white couch. Everywhere you look, white couches. Off-white couches. Blame it on Pinterest and the farmhouse push. I erred. ... Read more

14 hours ago by Kim Henderson.

Passions are high, but state’s presidential voting numbers have remained reliably ‘red’

Like everything else in 2020, the election cycle seems to have been going on for WAY too long. In less than two weeks, the never-ending ... Read more

14 hours ago by Special Report.

What media to trust? Newspapers get my vote

There is more content available today about the upcoming election than likely in any previous cycle. While we could fill this page with media sources ... Read more

5 days ago by Special Report.

How I spent my 36-hour power outage vacation

Someone is in the kitchen sticking a coffee-related concoction into the microwave. My ears perk up at the sound of the ceramic clattering against the ... Read more

1 week ago by Kim Henderson.

Separation of powers: Attempts to ‘pack’ the Supreme Court have a long history

Depending on one’s partisan leanings, the latest national furor over so-called “court-packing” started with the failed 2016 Supreme Court nomination of U.S. Court of Appeals ... Read more

1 week ago by Special Report.

This is home for me — and there’s no place like it

I’ve never had a problem adjusting to new places — new houses, schools, job locations, towns or a different end of the living room couch. ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Brett Campbell.

As political debates go, Trump-Biden is not the wildest, most intense one I’ve witnessed

The raucous, at times, incomprehensible first 2020 presidential debate between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic contender former Vice President Joe Biden was by ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Special Report.

School’s mission is about way more than a man

As a mom of five, I’ve done my share of college preview days. The walking tours, the scholarship Q&As, the dean’s speech to parents about ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Kim Henderson.

Some of my friends are for it and some against it

Marijuana. Some of my friends are for it and some of my friends are against it and … I am for my friends. When either ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special Report.

Peanut farming — Putting PB&Js on the table, watching tornadoes on water skis

Carlisle Lane in Claiborne County is a strip of blacktop that leads to pretty much nowhere, except vast fields of whatever’s in season. These days, ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Kim Henderson.

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