Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:53am Friday, January 10, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Met complainant on Bryant St.

• Alarm on Shady Creek Trail.

• Vehicle burglary on Jackson St.

• Suspicious subject on First St.

• Alarm on Crider Drive.

• Suspicious activity on Brashier St.

• Alarm on Railroad St.

• Open door on Lucas St.

• Traffic accident on Monticello St.

• Disturbance on Ozark Lane.

• Possible gun shots on Union St.

• Theft on Brookway Blvd.

• Burglary on Rogers Circle.

• Burglary on Jackson St.

• Traffic accident on Congress St.

• Alarm on Meadowbrook Drive.

• Disturbance on Monticello St.

• Traffic accident on First St.

• Suspicious vehicle on Railroad Ave.

• Suspicious activity on Martin Luther King Drive.

• Two for speeding.

• One for no proof of insurance.


• Two security escorts.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Suspicious person on Coopertown Road NE.

• Complaint on Highway 84 West.

• Complaint on Arlington Road.

• Complaint in Lincoln County.

• Complaint on Old Malcum Road

• Burglary of vehicle on Rogers Lane SE.

• Complaint at Lincoln Civic Center.

• Disturbance on Big Ern Trail NW.

• Complaint on Mission Hill.

• Complaint on Monticello St.

• Burglar alarm on Lower Meadville Drive SW.

• Complaint on Nola Road NE.

• Suspicious person on Auburn Drive.

• Complaint on Kinnison Trail NE.

• Burglar alarm on Caseyville Road NW.