Raise plan is investment in teachers

Published 10:13pm Saturday, March 1, 2014
  • Tony

    First, the improvement in the state (and national) economy has more to do with money being available for a pay raise than any action of House Republicans. The only thing the House has done is hold on to a budget SURPLUS of over $500 million while so many needs in this state have been ignored.

    Next, if the Republicans are serious about teachers getting pay raises they would be guaranteed, immediate, and across-the-board, not the maybe, next year, jump-through-hoops raises being offered. It’s not a lack of money being the problem, but a lack of priorities.

    Most importantly, however, if the House, Senate, and Governor want to truly invest in teachers and improve education, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (which funds schools) would be FULLY FUNDED and the asinine laws being proposed and passed that are driving teachers out of the classroom and destroying our public schools would be halted and rescinded.

    Teachers and schools need support more than ever before, not self-congratulating guest columns that do not address the real problems faced in the classroom.

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