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Taxpayers should care about city, county budgets

It’s budget time for local governments, meaning important decisions are being made about how your tax dollars will be spent. Budget meetings should draw hundreds ... Read more

Does one-party rule work?

Is the Democratic Party relevant in state-wide elections these days? Robert Gray’s win in the gubernatorial Democratic primary suggests it is not. The unheard-of Gray ... Read more

Planned Parenthood represents old problem

When do we as a society say enough is enough? Regardless of whether Planned Parenthood is violating the law as the string of heavily edited ... Read more

Baseball fields will help move county forward

If all goes according to plan, baseball will be played at Lincoln County’s new complex in the spring. On Friday, those who’ve worked to make ... Read more

Ballot alternative should not be intended to confuse

The fight for education funding in Mississippi got a bit more complicated Thursday. The state Supreme Court ruled that a Hinds County circuit judge should not ... Read more

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