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Hurricane preparedness is a must

The recent wet weather is a perfect reminder of what makes hurricanes dangerous for areas this far inland. While the primary hazard from hurricanes is ... Read more

How can we give thanks for the ultimate sacrifice

How do you say thank you to those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom? On this day set aside to honor those who’ve ... Read more

The end of one path; the beginning of another

This week marks a special time in the lives of many area students. The graduation season began in earnest Thursday and will continue in the coming days. ... Read more

Kemper plant proves to be poor investment

The entity that buys power for many Mississippi electric cooperatives, including Southwest MS EPA and Magnolia EPA that serve Lincoln County, pulled out of a ... Read more

Family using cancer donations on self commit travesty

Though we shouldn’t be surprised at just how deceitful people can be, a recent example was truly shocking. According to the New York Times, the ... Read more

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