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Culinary degree program partnership offers area students career options

Career-specific degree programs are becoming increasingly important as employers look for workers who have the necessary knowledge and skills to go to work from day ... Read more

The selfie as confidence booster? Maybe

We have all seen it: it’s a horrible distortion of American youth that is making even the prettiest people look as if their lips were ... Read more

I love Lucy (well, that’s not quite so)

So I was listening to my friend describe her panic attack, with its extreme anxiety and loss of self-control, when I had a thought: this ... Read more

If you can read this, thank a teacher

Hot summer, leisurely days doing pretty much what you want are about to end for students across the state. School bells are about to ring, ... Read more

It’s tax-free shopping weekend again

Without a whole lot of fanfare this year, the annual sales tax holiday arrives Saturday in Mississippi. Few local retailers have mentioned the event in ... Read more

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