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Copiah Co. 18-wheeler, SUV crash causes injuries

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Ruling an assault on Democratic process

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in favor of striking down same-sex marriage bans was an historic moment. For those in favor of same-sex marriage, it ... Read more

Paddles up: adventure on the Okatoma

Let me say early on that if you don’t enjoy the outdoors or possess instant recall of song lyrics from the ‘70s, you may want ... Read more

Laws can’t change the human heart

Following the tragedy in Charleston, S.C., it’s prudent to ask: Would tougher gun regulations have prevented this unimaginable horror? It’s the same question we ask ... Read more

Is the death penalty really justice?

The death penalty. Just a mention of the words can stir conflicted emotions in all of us. We value life, but also justice. Though most ... Read more

This issue of apathy in modern times

I can go back, if I try real hard, to Speech 101 in a darkened amphitheater on the campus of Memphis’ Rhodes College. That’s where ... Read more

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