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What kind of news do you want to see?

Who says good news doesn’t sell papers? That may not be a reflection of a specific comment, but there’s a widespread notion that the news ... Read more

Life’s lessons on being a father

This is not a Father’s Day advice column. For sure, I’m not qualified to give advice. I just know you can’t father from a book. ... Read more

Plumbing problem? Just go with flow

ho knew that a little gurgle we’d been hearing for the past couple of days was the sound of impending doom? Not us, at least ... Read more

Building success by being different

Self-described techie Joel Bomgar remembers the day the light turned on, a bright one that eventually led to the founding of his multi-million dollar computer ... Read more

Tennis: Exposing what’s inside

The sound was steady, even rhythmic last Saturday as tennis ball after tennis ball pounded the courts at Brookhill on Natchez, the spot where players ... Read more

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