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Facebook picture can rattle even the most stoic

When I first saw the photo on Facebook, I was more than a little shocked. Do we really have 5-foot rattlesnakes in Lincoln County? Andrew ... Read more

In sync: dragon boat races, Southern style

I was in the Delta recently, a land some refer to as the South’s South, which is why I was surprised to find myself at ... Read more

Football is in the air again

It’s almost time. The smell of burgers, nachos, freshly-mowed grass and sweat will once again fill the air. Soon, the band will play, the floodlights ... Read more

Taking a look around provides perspective

This week has been one for the books. Work was crazy, wedding plans got crazy, life was just all over the place. I’ve always been ... Read more

Some things in education never change

The never-long-enough summer break is almost over. Soon, classrooms will be full of energetic students and patient teachers. Parents will buy school supplies with the ... Read more

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