Inappropriate communication a growing problem

The week’s news from around the state brought the usual mix of stories — education funding battles, crime, government problems, politicians bickering, etc. But during ... Read more

Rising pot use is alarming

A study of government surveys released this week shows some shocking statistics on marijuana use. Almost 10 percent — more than 22 million — of ... Read more

I’m voting for I-42 for better schools, opportunities

I usually try to avoid anything political, but I have strong feelings about this. I want to give you my opinion on this initiative 42. ... Read more

The ‘union’ in a family reunion

The wind was whipping last Saturday, so much so that it made a pair of roof turbines sitting atop the Henderson homestead in Piave dance ... Read more

Education debate not about race

Is it possible for the debate over education funding to get more convoluted?  If so, a white lawmaker who used race to try to scare ... Read more

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