Entering the freshman year of life

For the past week I’ve had this feeling like I have forgotten something. It gets worse and worse everyday. It’s one of those feelings that ... Read more

Statewide smoking ban deserves support from Mississippi lawmakers

Certainly no one argues that smoking is a health hazard, but only about one-fourth of Mississippians are protected from exposure to second-hand smoke in work ... Read more

‘It made us look beyond our doors’

One was just five days old, another had seen a century. Some were business owners, some knew destitution before the devastation. They were retirees, students, ... Read more

Commission gives green light for aldermen to say ‘yes’

We called for leadership, and Thursday night’s vote at the Brookhaven Planning Commission was exactly that. By approving the requested special use (S-1) distinction for ... Read more

Igniting a passion for the arts

All things artistic are picking up around Brookhaven. The week kicked off with news about a new Lincoln County Choral Society that’s looking for talented ... Read more

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