Feds limit use of local FEMA building

Though some residents assumed the FEMA shelter in Brookhaven could be used as a severe weather shelter, Lincoln County Civil Defense Director Clifford Galey made ... Read more

Remember fire safety tips this winter

Thankfully, no one was injured in a house fire in Brookhaven Tuesday night. But it’s a good opportunity to be reminded of fire safety, especially ... Read more

A wrinkle in time

When exactly I singed off a half-row of lashes above my left eye I cannot say. The only reason I’m in possession of that information ... Read more

Working toward a common goal

The Lincoln County Board of Supervisors and two of our local legislators have taken a good first step in working together to improve the county’s ... Read more

The Christmas that never ends

A house full of family is a wonderful thing — even if it sometimes feels like an invading army has occupied the home. Over the ... Read more