By cutting newspaper, Delta State inhibits free speech

The state newspaper association is condemning a plan that will eliminate journalism courses at Delta State University and shutter the school’s 83-year-old student newspaper.  We ... Read more

Unsung heroes of Lincoln County

We were recently reminded of the many local folks who make contributions on the state level. Sure, our local senators and representatives are doing their ... Read more

For the love of trucks

By definition, a pickup truck is simply a vehicle with an open rear cargo enclosure. But to those of us in the South, it’s so ... Read more

Legal weed in Mississippi?

Could Mississippi be the next state to legalize marijuana? If Mississippi for Cannabis, a group that filed a petition with the Secretary of State’s office ... Read more

Local efforts support cancer patients

A world with less cancer and more birthdays is the goal of the American Cancer Society,  the health organization that benefits from the thousands of ... Read more

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