No trouble with primary elections

From all accounts, primary elections went off without a hitch Tuesday. A small grass fire and a power outage couldn’t even slow things down. At ... Read more

An open letter to my ninth grader as school starts

Got kids? Even more to the point, got a 14-year-old? Yes? Then bless your heart, because whether your child is walking up the steps past ... Read more

Time to cast your ballot

Polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for primary elections. We won’t bother reminding readers of the importance of voting. Hopefully, the ... Read more

Reader praises BPD officers for their help

I would like for Chief Bell and all Brookhavenites to know and meet officers George Lambright and Luther Wilson, great telephone helpers at the station. ... Read more

Some things in education never change

The never-long-enough summer break is almost over. Soon, classrooms will be full of energetic students and patient teachers. Parents will buy school supplies with the ... Read more

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