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One killed in Sunday shooting; victim charged in ’08 murder


Drowning may be surprisingly quiet

It’s officially summer — at least meteorologically speaking. The calendar won’t tell us it’s summer for another few weeks, but children are out of school, ... Read more

Redbugs: a microscopic menace to all

Its official name is Trombiculida, but we call them redbugs. Others refer to them as chiggers. No matter its name, the tiny mite has brought ... Read more

Mississippi deserves real leadership on education

It’s election time in Mississippi and, once again, public education is at the forefront of most political campaigns. With over 90 percent of school-age children ... Read more

Chief’s work to improve young men’s lives commendable

Police Chief Bobby Bell’s effort to start a mentoring program for young men in Brookhaven is commendable. Bell hopes to implement a “brothers taking care ... Read more

C Spire defends contract negotiations

In recent weeks, The Daily Leader has published several articles about the negotiations between C Spire and the city of Brookhaven last year to bring ... Read more

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