Tirello wins UMP at Pike Co.

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, May 2, 2000

MAGNOLIA – Brant Tirello of Monticello won the first UMP heat atPike County Speedway. Doyle Bratton led the second and on the lastlap, Greg Hollingsworth got on the high side and tried to make thepass and would up in the wall heavily damaged.

Tirello sat on the poll for the feature, marched right into thelead and never looked back. Tirello was flawless and went on toscore the win followed by Doyle Bratton. Roy Schneblin challengedBratton but couldn’t get him and had to settle for third. JeffMartello fourth and Freddy Wilson fifth.

Twenty-eight Super Late models rolled into the gates of PikeCounty Speedway Saturday night. The first of four heat racesstarted with Dwight Falcon on the pole. As the green flag wavedDwight Falcon dropped back as Eddie Taylor pulled into the lead.Dave Siegert, in third place, tried lap after lap to pass RickyMay. Siegert tried high and low and finally, with the white flagwaving, moved into second ahead of May.

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The yellow flag flew 2 laps into the second heat when MarlonWild and Jay Blair tangled in two. After the restart, it was BubbaMullins, Rodney Wing and Donald Watson.

A couple of laps into heat three they had a three wide battle infour and made contact and cars scattered. David Ashley was creditedwith the wreck, disqualified and sent to the pits. After therestart, it was Davin Bates all the way followed by Frith and KeithCraft.

Rob Linton led every lap of the fourth heat and stretched hisled to 12 cars lengths over Ryan Plaisanee and Wade Cleveland.

Dennis Duncan blasted into the lead of the last-chance race.Duncan put several car lengths over second place Jay Blair. CurtLipsey took third and Marlon Wild fourth. All four moved to thefeature.

B Novice: Joel Brown led early on in the B Novice. TerrySaizor worked his way up and took over the lead, but was dqed attech and Joe Brown then got the win. Second was Cody Bowen, thirdWard Madison and fourth Jerry Arnold.

Novice A Main pole sitter Johnny Michel took the lead onthe start and held it to the checkered. Numerous pileups happenedbehind Michel Michel who stayed up front and out of trouble andtook his first feature win. Bill McDaniels second, Ryan Whittingtonthird and Chad Coon fourth.

Pure Stock: It’s easy to figure out who Jamie Bladeshero is. He put his Terry LaBonte look-alike car in victory and 2weeks in a row. Blades led from green to checkered putting severalcar lengths on second place Daniel Boyd. Bryan Whittington came outof a three wide battle to get third. Kevin Case fourth and RandyBrownell rounded out the top five. Johnny Michel, Gary Petite,Daniel Boyd and Ryan Whitehead all took heat wins for PureStock.

Street Stock: Mike Wholgamuth shared heat wins withJamie Hamilton for Street Stock. Wholgamuth started on the pole anddrag raced with Scotty Case to turn one where he took the lead andled every lap. Joey Daix tried to get under Wholgamuth but he heldDaix off and took the checkered making it his first feature win atPike County. Then the disappointment came when he hit tech and wasdisqualified for vacuum, handing the win for Daix. Robert Morelsecond and Jason Holland and Silas Martin Jr. came across the lineside by side for third and fourth.

Eddie Taylor sat on the pole for the feature. BubbaMullins took the win by a whole straightaway over Litton, Avant,Dave Siegert, Davin Bates, Jay Blair who started 18th, Marlon Wildwho started 21st, Chris Cassano, Rodney Wing, Wade Clevelent, LarryRitter, Frith, Tommy Seret, Eddie Taylor, Ryan Plaisanace, NealTemple, Donald Watson, Ricky May, Dennis Duncan, Curt Lipsey, KeithCraft and David Ashley.

Seavy Clemons took all the marbles home two weeks in arow. After winning the heat, Clemons went on to take the lead awayfrom Joey Humphreys and go on to score his second feature of theseason. Danny Oberwortman took third. Oscar Jordan fourth and fifthwas Jamie Hamilton.