Board sees new garbage deal as money-saver

Published 5:00 am Thursday, July 6, 2000

Brookhaven aldermen Wednesday approved a new garbage disposalagreement that will get the city out of the business and save moneyin the process.

City officials accepted solid waste consultant Butch Lambert’srecommendation for Waste Management Inc. to operate the city’stransfer station, transport and dispose of garbage at a rate of $33per ton. Since a contract with BFI expired earlier this year, thecity had been running the transfer station and having garbagehauled to a Louisiana landfill.

“It saves you money where you are, and gives you a solid pricefor the long-term,” Lambert said of the new agreement.

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The contract is for three years with an option for anotherthree, Lambert said. With joint city-county ownership of thetransfer station, Lambert said he will present the contract tosupervisors for approval at their next meeting.

Lambert said he will draft the contract and hopes to have itsigned by the end of next week.

Lambert’s work included cost proposals for various scenarios,ranging from city-run transfer station and garbage transportationto all privately-run services. Per ton disposals costs ranged fromover $50 to the accepted $33 charge.

Citing the best proposal received, Lambert said the city couldnot run the garbage disposal operation at the cost provided byWaste Management. He estimated the cost savings would be about 50cents per ton, with the city and county generating about 48 tonsper day.

Ward 4 Alderman John Roberts said the disposal agreement givesthe city assurances on insurance, fuel costs and a locked-in pricefor disposal.

“It’s without question the best,” Robert said in making themotion to approve the new agreement.


In other business Wednesday, aldermen set aside $40,000 to widena section of North Center Street because of increased traffic fromthe new Industrial Park Road overpass.

“It’s beginning to be bad because we’re getting so muchtraffic,” said Ward 1 Alderman Dorsey Cameron.

City officials must review the city’s right-of-way situation onthe road before beginning any work. Engineering officials areworking on plans for some access roads in the area around the newoverpass.


A Drury Lane garbage situation is getting city officials’attention.

Aldermen voted Wednesday to send the owner of Gulf States MobileHome Park a notice to have a pile of garbage removed from in frontof the park. Neighbors said the pile has been in place for severalmonths.

If the city has to remove the garbage, removal costs could bebilled to the owner’s property taxes.

James Arnold, sanitation department director, reported someprogress in cleaning up the pile. He said a person who placedseveral large items came forward and paid to have them removed.

“She paid us to move a couch and a couple of mattresses,” Arnoldsaid.


Benton Furlow, airport manager, updated city officials on Juneactivity at the city facility and briefly offered some lettersrebutting earlier comments about airport service.

Furlow presented aldermen with two letters, which were not readaloud at the meeting, from business people who complimented theairport on its service. Furlow said one letter from an Arkansasbusiness said it was simply more convenient for its officials touse the Prentiss airport to visit its Silver Creek operations.

“It’s nothing to do with the airport, who runs the airport, thecity or anybody,” Furlow said.

Contrary to earlier comments, Furlow said no one has ever been”stranded” at the airport. He said he has loaned his personalvehicle to people in need of transportation.

Furlow said there were 70 flights in and out of the airport inJune and of those, 11 were business-related.

At their last board meeting, city officials voted to officiallydissolve the airport governing board and gave themselves 60 days toestablish a new policy for airport operation. City Attorney JoeFernald said an airport operation ordinance should be ready forboard discussion at the next meeting.


Restrictions on passing out fliers, handbills and otheradvertising materials may soon be expanded, according to lastnight’s board discussion.

Building Inspector Steve Moreton said a current cityordinance prohibits distribution of the items only in the downtownarea. He suggested city officials amend the ordinance to make theprohibition city wide.

“I think it’s time we bite the bullet and get the junkup,” Moreton said.

Mentioning possible First Amendment issues, Fernald saidhe will look into expanding the ordinance for aldermen to act uponlater.