Drug cases biggest share of court work

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Drug cases have dominated July court activity asrecently-indicted defendants were arraigned last week in LincolnCounty Circuit Court, according to court records.

Of almost 60 cases on the docket for arraignment, 20 weredrug-related, including the sale or possession of cocaine andmarijuana. Some defendants face multiple indictments.

“We got most of those indicted arraigned. It was a good portionof them,” said Assistant District Attorney Jerry Rushing aboutcourt case progress.

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Aug. 4 has been set aside for omnibus hearings and to acceptguilty pleas.

“If they’re going to plead with a (sentencing) recommendation,they have to do it by that day,” Rushing said.

Otherwise, trial dates will be set during defendants’ omnibushearings. Trials, if needed, would likely be in September.

In other court cases, a Brookhaven man earlier convicted oftouching, handling or feeling a child for lustful purposes facesmore charges in connection with alleged incidents five to six yearsago.

William Curt Earnest IV, 38, has been indicted on two countsafter allegedly fondling a then-five-year-old boy in 1994-95.

The new allegations surfaced following Earnest’s March trial inwhich he was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Earnestis appealing the conviction and sentence.

An indictment is not a statement on the guilt or innocence ofthe accused. It represents a belief by the grand jury that there isprobable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

Defendants facing indictments from the June term of the LincolnCounty Grand Jury include:

* Willard Breeland, 47, of 1065 Union St. – unlawful sale ofcocaine.

* Larry Levi Jr., 23, of 201 Mildred St. – unlawful sale ofcocaine and unlawful transfer of marijuana.

* Charles Hodges, 29, of 424 East Cherokee St. – twoindictments: unlawful sale of cocaine and unlawful possession ofcocaine.

* Tremain Richardson, 17, of 1026 Apple Trail, Bogue Chitto -unlawful sale of cocaine within 1,500 feet of a school.

* Willie Woods, also known as Woody, 47, of 216 Penn St. -unlawful sale of cocaine.

* Anthony Blue, 22, of South Second Street – unlawful sale ofcocaine within 1,500 feet of a school.

* Shasta Breeland, 28, of Oakview Apts. – four indictments:unlawful sale of cocaine, unlawful possession of cocaine withintent to distribute and two for unlawful distribution ofcocaine.

* Thomas D. Dixon, 27, of 217 Ingram St. – simple assault on alaw enforcement officer.

* James D. Hemphill, 40, of 17170 Highway 51 Hazlehurst – thirdoffense DUI.

* Samuel Case, 58, of 501 Brookman Dr. – stalking.

* Andrea Brown, 32, of 401 Industrial Park Road – utteringforgery and conspiracy.

* Michael Cleveland, 43, of Industrial Park Road – utteringforgery and conspiracy.

* Casey Mclemore, 21, of 1606 Sandifer Lane – two counts ofsexual battery.

* Vernon Gordon, 22, of 304 Old Wesson Road – two indictments:burglary and two counts of burglary of a dwelling.

* Dixie Gordon, 19, of 304 Old Wesson Road – two counts ofburglary of a dwelling.

* Michael C. McDowell, age unavailable, of 304 Old Wesson Road -grand larceny.

* Harrison Thomas Arnold, 33, of 1051 Eagle Trail – twoindictments with five total counts of uttering forgery.

* Victor Stewart, 34, of 201 East Mildred St. – uttering forgeryand conspiracy.

*Dianna Bridges, 19, of 401 Industrial Park Road – third degreearson.

* Karey Whittington 53, of 1202 Brumfield Road – two indictmentsfor uttering forged prescriptions.

* Patrick M. Allen, 28, of 1595 West Highland Dr., Jackson -third offense DUI.

* Darlene Toca, 30, of 230 Penn St. – burglary of adwelling.

* Sabrina Walker, 40, of 410 Old Wesson Road – burglary of adwelling.

* Marvin O. King, 25, of 1536 Martin Lane, Sontag – twoindictments: burglary and grand larceny, and two counts ofburglary.

* Christopher Portrey, 20, of Loyd Star Lane – threeindictments: grand larceny, two counts of burglary and burglary ofa dwelling.

* Rhonda Teresa Williams, 28, of 1071 Highway 550 – aggravatedassault.

* Regina Porter, 19, of 401 South Hamilton St. – unlawful takingof a motor vehicle.

* Linda Sivils, 32, of 1083 Crooked Lane – third offenseDUI.

* Derrick Young, 32, of 1125 South Second St. – unlawfulpossession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

* Guy Williams, 23, of 405 East Chippewa St. – trespassing,simple assault on a law enforcement officer and unlawful possessionof cocaine.

* Amdrael Bridges, 17, of Monticello – felonious bad checks.

* Dontrell Johnson, 20, of 615 Bristow Trail – unlawful sale ofcocaine.

5* Cornelius Thomas, 18, of 424 East Cherokee St. – unlawfulsale of cocaine.

* Joshua Hamilton, 19, of 408 Old Wesson Road – unlawful sale ofcocaine.

* Toronto Kelly, 23, of 710 Second St. – unlawful sale ofcocaine.

* Davis Thomas, also known as Little D, 17, of 424 East CherokeeSt. – unlawful sale of cocaine.

* Jonathan P. Moore, 28, of 4065 East Lincoln Dr., Monticello -possession of a deadly weapon by a convicted felon.

* David Rigdon, 46, of 1077 Crooked Lane – third offenseDUI.

* Dennis L. Nations, 41, of 933 Lucky Lane – third offenseDUI.

* William Washington Jr., 29, of 361 Lake of Pine Dr., Jackson -unlawful possession of marijuana and cocaine.

* Glen R. Workman, 26, of 721 Marwood Loop, Bogue Chitto – thirdoffense DUI.

* Marrion M. Hart, 50, of 1139 Dillard St., Hazlehurst -voyeurism.

* Robert Alfred, 54, of 220 East Minnesota St. – third offenseDUI.

* Algerron Tario Spiller, 19, of 620 South Hamilton St. -embezzlement.

* Raymond E. Williams, 27, of 921 Egypt Circle – grandlarceny.

* George Hudson Jr., 20, of 301 South Hammond St. -burglary.

* Johnny R. Johnson, 37, of 720 Middleton St. – embezzlementunder contract.

* Brady Lance Rollins, 24, of Hartman Street – burglary.

* Corey Barlow, 23, of 2029 Byhalia Road, Wesson – unlawfulpossession of marijuana with intent to distribute andconspiracy.

* Anthony Guynes, age and address unavailable – unlawfulpossession of marijuana with intent to distribute andconspiracy.