Supervisors, highway dept. to discuss two problem areas

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Two dangerous sections of road in Lincoln County will be topicsof meeting tomorrow between county officials and transportationofficials.

The Lincoln County Board of Supervisors plans to meet withMississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) representatives at10 a.m. Wednesday in the supervisors’ meeting room in the LincolnCounty courthouse.

Many topics will be discussed during the meeting, but the mainareas of concern are a section of Interstate 55 and Laird’sCrossing, which is the intersection of Jackson Liberty Drive andHighway 84.

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MDOT District Engineer Darrell Broome said the meeting will givehis department a chance to educate the supervisors about projectsalready underway as well as future road construction.

“We meet with them at times to let them know what we’re doing intheir area,” he said.

County officials hope the meeting will serve as more than justan informative session for them. They hope to talk with MDOTrepresentatives about correcting problem areas in the county,especially Laird’s Crossing.

“That intersection has a bad history of fatalities andaccidents, and there’s been some concerns raised about the newintersection,” said Board President and District 4 Supervisor DougMoak.

Several fatalities and numerous accidents have occurred inrecent years at the crossing, but transportation officials thoughtthe problems would cease when the new section of Highway 84 openeda few weeks ago.

Since it opened, though, there have already been a fewaccidents, one fatality, and many complaints from school busdrivers, first responders and volunteer firefighters who areconcerned about it, said Civil Defense Director Clifford Galey.

County officials are glad MDOT representatives are ready toaddress the problem area.

“This particular crossing has served as a place of bad memoriesfor several families, and it’s good that we’re finally getting somemovement toward correcting whatever problems exists at thatintersection,” said Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop.

The other area of concern for county officials is the section ofInterstate 55 between the 30-36 mile markers. It is an area thatlaw enforcement authorities believe has too many unnecessaryaccidents.

“When I spoke with the highway patrol last week, they said theyhad some information about that area, and they’d like to bring itup at this meeting,” said Galey.

County officials hope to start working with MDOT immediately inorder to develop a plan to prevent fatalities and accidents inthose areas.