Franklin man dies while burning land

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, September 5, 2000

BUDE — A Franklin County man died Sunday while trying tocontrol a fire near his home on Middleton Creek Road, authoritiessaid.

Hoytt Bass, 79, died of smoke inhalation around 1 p.m. whileattempting to burn an area of land behind his house, said FranklinCounty Sheriff James Newman.

“He was burning off a small brush heap and it got out ofcontrol,” said Newman. “He was evidently trying to make it back tothe house and got trapped.”

Bass had apparently asked a neighbor to call the firedepartment. When the neighbor returned to the burn area, he wasunable to find Bass, added Newman.

Newman said Bass had gotten into a low area and the smoke musthave overcome him.

Franklin Funeral Home is in charge arrangements.