Committee plans historic attraction for Wesson

Published 5:00 am Monday, October 9, 2000

WESSON — Work will begin soon at the site of a new attractionfor the town, project supporters say.

Entergy Team City Committee members believe progress will soonbe evident on the site of Wesson Mills Park, which will be locatedon Beech Street near the Highway 51 intersection.

“There will be site preparation within the next month,” saidcommittee member Scott King, about the grown up area that willcleaned up.

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The park will be located around the old Wesson Electricbuilding, which will eventually be the site of a town museum.

Wesson Mills Park, named after the town’s former mills, willconsist of the museum, a large gazebo for local events, parkbenches and a 1942 fire truck, donated by the town for displaypurposes.

Members of the Entergy Team City, a division of EntergyMississippi Economic Development, hope the area will become thecenter of activity by providing a safe environment with events forall age groups to enjoy.

They believe the location, just 100 yards from Wesson’s mainthoroughfare, will bring positive results.

“It’s only going to enhance the look of the town, being right inthe heart of Wesson,” said Marilyn Britt, committee member.

The land and building were donated to the Wesson Chamber ofCommerce by the town.

Town officials also donated a 1942 firetruck that was no longerin use. The truck will be painted and fixed up a little beforebeing put on display at the park, said committee member JoyWesbrooks.

Other historic items are also being sought for display in themuseum. Some of the items that will possibly be displayed includean old railroad sign, parts from the old mills and an old printingpress.

Committee members are glad so many people have come forth withitems that can be of educational use in the museum.

“We have a lot of people who are willing to help and that’s whatwe need,” said Committee Member Lura Greer.

A whistle that once played a vital role in the town may also bedisplayed at the museum.

“The whistle came off a Union gun ship in the Civil War and thenit stayed on the mill until it closed,” said King about thehistoric piece located in Clinton.

Committee members, along with town officials, are hoping theowners of the whistle will allow it to be part of the museum. Theyalso hope more pieces of Wesson heritage can be found, so thetown’s history will continue to be taught during futuregenerations.

“If we don’t pull together the history of the town, it’s goingto be lost,” said Britt.

They hope the museum will give residents the opportunity toteach others about the town’s history.

“There’s a lot of people who know about the history of Wesson,”said A.C. Currie, committee member.

Many Wesson residents have already become interested in helpingwith the effort to preserve vital historical information. Localcivic organizations have offered to provide assistance with avariety of tasks.

Landscaping may be a project of a local garden club, whilecommittee members are hoping to have a flag and flag pole donatedto the park by a civic organization.

District Two Supervisor Terry Channell has offered his servicesin the site preparation phase of the project.

“The county will take care of that part,” he said. “We’re goingto bush hog it and maybe put some culverts in.”

Entergy has already agreed to assist with electrical needs,including spotlights for the flag and fire truck.

Committee members hope the museum will preserve history, whilethe park creates history. They hope it will be the site of manyenjoyable days filled with events, such as concerts andpicnics.