Sales tax totals show opportunities for area

Published 5:00 am Monday, October 23, 2000

Sales tax receipts for August continue to show the strength ofthe local economy here in southwest Mississippi as we continue toshow strong increases even though collections statewide continue tofall behind last year.

The leader in percentage increase continues to be here inBrookhaven with a 9.5 percent over this time last year and 7.2percent for the fiscal year. One only has to look at theconstruction going on around town and the opening of new businessesto see why.

Interestingly enough, to our south in McComb, where theexpansion of the retail base last year from the opening of twomajor department stores in the mall should send their sales taxreceipts soaring, sales are flat with only a 1.2 percent increaseover last year.

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Elsewhere around our area, Monticello saw a slight increase asdid Wesson in Copiah County and Meadville in Franklin County.Summit in Pike County and Bude in Franklin County bucked the trendas they saw their sales decline slightly.

When traveling around the state, one can see that our localeconomy is stronger than most and is a good indication of theopportunities we have here in southwest Mississippi.