Benefit to help family

Published 5:00 am Friday, October 27, 2000

A tremendous show of love and support, along with lots ofprayers, has helped 11-month-old Tabitha Case survive the last ninemonths of her life.

And a benefit Saturday will help her parents, Darron and BreannaCase, survive the countless medical expenses they have encounteredsince Tabitha began having life-threatening seizures after takingthe immunizations regularly given to two-month-old babies.

Family, friends and residents of the Loyd Star community willgather at 6 p.m. Saturday for a benefit gospel concert at theWoodmen of the World on Industrial Park Road.

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“We would appreciate it if people would come out and supportthis because this baby is special,” said Minnie Case, Tabitha’sgreat-grandmother.

The Cases hope the event will help them pay off previous medicalbills and assist in future medical expenses, such as a visit to aspecialist in Louisiana.

Due to the unusual symptoms Tabitha has had, doctors have beenunable to diagnose thus far, but the Cases are hoping thespecialist in Louisiana will have some insight.

“They haven’t really made a diagnosis as far as the overallpicture, but they have diagnosed her with infantile spasms,” saidBreanna Case.

Doctors believe the seizures are a symptom of a rare diseasecalled Aicardi Syndrome, but have not ruled out two other rarities,she added.

“There is so little research on all three of them that it’s hardfor them to say for sure,” said Breanna Case.

Along with the seizures, which occur daily, Tabitha hasabnormalities in her spine, brain, ribs, eyes, hands and feet. Shealso suffers constantly from upper respiratory infections, such astwo bouts with pneumonia.

Although all Tabitha’s symptoms are very critical, the mainconcern for doctors and family members are her seizures, whichcould result in death, if they become too severe.

“Last Friday, she had 100 seizures in a row in the morning andthen 75 in a row that night,” said Breanna Case. “She also had areal bad one Sunday that lasted 30 seconds, and she couldn’tbreathe.”

Her family has become more fearful of her seizures because ofthe increased intensity. They are hoping doctors will be able toprovide Tabitha some relief. Doctors have tried numerous medicines,including an experimental drug from Canada, but none havehelped.

Even though Tabitha’s condition has not improved, the Casescontinue to put their faith in the Lord.

“I believe He has a will for us, and He can heal her if it’s Hiswill,” said Breanna Case. “I just feel blessed to have hadher.”