‘Cross Walk’ makes way through town

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 18, 2000

With the wind at their backs, over 50 young people marchedthrough Brookhaven Saturday delivering a special message to all whosaw them.

The group of girls and boys from Baptist churches here carried alarge wooden cross at the front of the parade, along with severalsigns displaying Christian messages, as a finale to week-longevents associated with Missions Cross Walk.

“I hope people saw us and were affected by what they saw. Maybethey’ll become Christians if they weren’t already,” said NicoleDouglas, an Acteen with Wellman Baptist Church.

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Cross Walk is based on the Bible scripture Luke 9:23 — “Ifanyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up hiscross daily and follow me.”

Hundreds of Lincoln County youth participated in the nationaleffort to use the cross as a witnessing tool. The cross has alreadypassed through other southern states since the effort began inKentucky two years ago.

Local Acteens used the cross at various religious services, andsome of the churches took the cross to nursing homes and businesseswhere they passed out religious literature.

“This week has really made me see how many blessings we have inour lives and how awesome God is,” said Susan Rankin, an Acteenfrom Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

Young people also used the week of events as an opportunity toreach out to needy families in local communities.

“During the week, 10 big boxes of groceries were delivered to 10needy families,” said Minnie Case, assistant coordinator with theLincoln County Acteens Association.

The youth involved with the activities looked for ways to make adifference in other people’s lives, according to ActeensCoordinator Ann McCraven.

“They were very excited and enthused about it,” she said. “Notonly that, but they were dedicated to it, too.”

A difference was made in at least one person’s life, addedActeen Jessica Brown, mentioning the opportunity she had to witnessto a young boy who then committed his life to the Lord.

Acteens were excited to see they could help another person findtheir way to God. They hope to continue to bring such good resultsin Lincoln County.

“It really blessed me to see how we can be used, becauseeverybody in this world is not saved, and it’s really important tohelp save others,” said Jana Wallace, an Acteen from SouthwayBaptist Church.

The lives of the youth who participated were also affected bythe Cross Walk activities.

“We received a blessing from doing this,” said Macedonia ActeenLindsey Moore. “It makes us bolder witnesses.”

The Acteens hope the events will help them to have a positiveeffect on other teenagers in the area. Some noticed it was easierto walk through daily life as a Christian with other youngChristians heading in the same direction.

“I stepped out more in my witness because there were othersbeside me,” said Katie McCraven of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Following the parade in Brookhaven, the cross was taken to youthin Lawrence County, who held a parade through downtown Monticelloon Saturday as well.

Lincoln County youth believe the wooden cross they took turnscarrying will have a big impact in any county it visits. Onepointed out that the final days of Jesus Christ’s life becameclearer when they actually carried the cross.

“He carried a cross just like we did, and it was a whole lotbigger than the one we carried,” said Nichole Nations of WellmanBaptist Church.

The cross will continue traveling through Mississippi counties,then on to another state.