Water Assoc. plan would better service in West Lincoln area

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Another county school may be receiving a better water supply bynext school year if a verbal promise holds true.

During Monday night’s Lincoln County School Board meeting,Superintendent of Education Perry Miller announced that TommyCupit, the president of Lincoln Rural Water Association, recentlyspoke to him about plans to include West Lincoln Attendance Centerin a future project.

“He said his board approved the water lines being run from ZetusRoad to West Lincoln,” said Miller. “We’re hoping it will befinished by the time school starts.”

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The school district plans to pay part of the costs of runningthe lines to that area, but the agreement has not been made finalyet.

The project would increase the quality of water significantly atthe school. Currently, West Lincoln Attendance Center uses aone-horse-power pump to pull water from a well.

“They really, really need this,” commented Miller, who wasprincipal at West Lincoln for 10 years.

Residents in the area may also have the opportunity to beconnected to the new water lines, if installed, said Miller.

Another topic of discussion during last night’s meeting was howto maximize the benefits of interest earned on 16th Section landprinciples.

“Each section of land has two accounts: one for principle andone for interest,” explained Miller. “We have been just leaving theinterest that builds on the principle in that account, but what wewould like to do is move the interest on the principle account tothe interest account as it’s earned.”

The transfer of interests earned on the principles would allowthe school district to utilize those funds when needed. The boardagreed this would be the most beneficial action for the schooldistrict and approved the request.

Other requests made last night to the school board included onefor the school district to lease office equipment from twocompanies for the Prevention/Intervention program and the FamiliesFirst Resource Center.

“We’re leasing everything. That way when the grants are up, ifthey don’t get renewed we can send the equipment back,” said Millerabout the new programs the district received grants for severalmonths ago.

The programs offer a variety of services, such as tutoring forstudents and help for parents who need to be more involved in theirchildren’s school work.

“We feel like both of those have had a good impact,” saidMiller. “We’ve had some good feedback.”

The school district also plans to apply for another grant thatwill help improve the school district. It will take about threemonths for the grant request to be completed, but districtofficials hope the district will receive the $1.3 milliongrant.

The grant could possibly be used for summer recreationalactivities, adult education and tutoring programs.

“I think if we can get this it will be great asset to thedistrict,” said Miller.

The next scheduled school board meeting will be held at 5:30p.m., Feb. 5, at the district office on Monticello Street. Themeeting will be open to the public.