Frye takes first place

Published 6:00 am Thursday, March 15, 2001

MAGNOLIA — Pike County Speedway was overflowing with 142 racecars, 41 SUPER late models, 6 heat races. Heat one started withfast timer Bill Frye on the pole. Bill Frye won by 10 car lengthsover Mike Boland and Rodney Wing.

HEAT TWO: Marlon Wild sat on the pole and pulled away from Riterand Watson on the drop of the green. At the checkered Wild had halfthe track between him and Riter and Rob Litton who had moved up tothird.

HEAT THREE: Dave Sidgert started from the pole and led every lapto take the win.

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HEAT FOUR: Sam Patrick led it all the way to take the winfollowed by David Knight and Ryan Plaisance.

HEAT FIVE: Jay Blair blasted into the lead and won overDewylinder and Trey Beane.

HEAT SIX: Keith Craft sat on the pole, but David Ashley blastedpast him to the lead and went on to score the win over BillAvant.

Slay won the first of two last chance races with Rodney Wingright behind him. Rob Litton took second last chance win with RyanPlaisance coming in second.

Marlon Wild got the jump on the start of the 50 lap feature andmoved into the lead. While running second on lap 41 Mike Bolandwent up in a cloud of blue. Rodney Wing moved up to second afterstarting 15th and on the final lap in turn two got the lead fromDavid Ashley and went on to win the second Mardi Gras Nationals.Followed by David Ashley, Dave Siegert, David Knight, Slay, RyanPlaisance, Bubba Mullins, Bill Avant, Dewylinder, Donald Watson,Kennith Crow, Dennis Duncan, Marlon Wild, Mike Boland, Bill Frye,Eric Courville, Larry Riter, Odie Green, Ricky May, Jay Blair, SamPatrick and Rob Litton.

UMP: Shane Hebert, Doyle Bratton, Bobby Helmer and GregHollingsworth took last chance races for Modifieds. Shane Hebertsat on the pole for the UMP Modified feature, but Ward scored thesecond win for the Mardi Gras Nationals. Hollingsworth took second,Jerry Cassano third, Doyle Bratton ran strong all night andfinished fourth. Jason Taylor moved his Ford powered Modifiedswiftly to the front to take fifth spot.

SUPER STOCK: Wilson Voisin and Joey Humphreys took the heartwins for Super Stock. Robert Morel took it over when Voisin blew upon the front straightaway. Bill Jordan moved to second then tookthe lead from Morel. The two swapped paint and the lead a coupletimes till Morel got it and held it and took his first win in aSuper Stock since moving up from Street Stock. Jordan took second,third Glenn Stanger, fourth Jim Adams and fifth Ace Duhon.

STREET STOCK: Kerry Vicknair and Todd Rogers shared the heatwins in street stock. On the start these two drag raced down thefront straightaway by turn one and two from the high side Rogerspulled into the lead and held off Vicknair to take the win.Vicknair took second, Jason Holland third, Louie Morals fourth andJamie Hamilton fifth.

PURE STOCK: Michael Barfield, Michael Blackard and Heath Cowardall shared pure stock heat wins. Barfield took the lead on thestart, but then spun on front straightaway. Jamie Blades took overas leader and led the rest of the laps to take the win. MichaelBlackard ran second till the end of the race when he startedsputtering and went in the pits. Rusty Cooper moved up to takesecond, Scott Womack third, Bill McDaniels fourth and rounding outthe top five was Michael Barfield.