Students get lesson on issues they face

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, peer pressure and relationships werethe main topics of discussion Monday among several hundred highschool students gathered at the Lincoln County Multi-UseFacility.

The 10th and 11th grade students listened attentively as ARC, agroup comprised of young people between the ages of 18 and 26,talked about the serious subjects.

“Most people know that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are bad foryou, yet many people still ignore that,” said Jillian Ebetino, amember of ARC.

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The program consisted of skits, combined with popular musicplayed by the group, as an effective way to relate importantmessages to teenagers.

“We thought it would be a great way to help the students makethe right decisions in life,” said Celine Craig, projects chairmanof the Brookhaven Junior Auxiliary, which sponsored the event.

In one of the skits, ARC members portrayed a scenario from aparty where alcohol was present and a student was about to ridehome with a drunk driver.

“If you say ‘no,’ then you may have to find another way home,maybe even walking, but if you say ‘yes’ you are putting your lifein danger,” said Micah Brewer of ARC.

The presentation also depicted scenes of how to handle negativepeer pressure and how students can be level-headed, rather thanhaving a bad temper.

“I’ve seen so many people just pop off at the mouth when theyget backed into a corner, but sometimes it’s better just to bequiet,” said Brewer.

Members of ARC explained how teenagers are faced with dozens ofchoices every day, and their decisions can affect a number ofpeople.

“The things we do hurt other people, and it’s pretty selfish tothink they don’t,” said Brewer.

Brewer and Ebetino also pointed out how important it is forstudents to balance the mental, physical, social and spiritualaspects of their lives.

The students were very receptive to the messages, oftenparticipating when asked. Several even thanked and complimented ARCoften the presentation.