Dixie Youth Roundup 5/31

Published 5:00 am Thursday, May 31, 2001

Smith Machine 14, Dickerson & Bowen 7

Striking out 12 batters and walking 4 for the win was BrentHenderson. Brandon Foster struck out 4 and walked 4 in theloss.

@Subhead:Smith Machine 14, Dickerson & Bowen 7

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@Normal:Striking out 12 batters and walking 4 for the win wasBrent Henderson. Brandon Foster struck out 4 and walked 4 in theloss.

At the plate for Smith Machine, Michael Pennington led with atriple and a pair of doubles. Justin Watts belted a home run.Patrick Valentine collected a double and a pair of singles.Doubling were Ky Burke and Zach Williams. Cameron Kellysingled.

Foster tripled, doubled and singled for Dickerson & Bowen.Ripping a homer was Shea Smith. Jon Mark Holden tripled. Doublingwas Caleb Williams. Hitting two singles was Hunter Wallace. RyanKennedy hit safely.

@Subhead:Check Exchange 8, State Bank 6

@Normal:Posting the win was Elliot Mckee with 9 strikeouts and 4walks. Drew Weaver struck out 7 and walked 10 in the losingcause.

Will Smith paced Check Exchange with a pair of triples and adouble. Gage Gatlin singled.

State Bank was led by Moreton Lebeth’s double. Brett Rushing andBradley Beckham singled.

@Subhead:LaRue’s Drugs 8, Dickerson & Bowen 5

@Normal:Winning pitcher Korey Allen belted a home run forLaRue’s. On the mound, Allen recorded 11 strikeouts and 3 walks.Joey Shelton doubled followed by Payne McGowen and Jordan Vinsonwith a single apiece.

Dickerson & Bowen got a single apiece from losing pitcherHunter Wallace, Aaron Prather and Shea Smith. Wallace had 4strikeouts and 6 walks.

@Subhead:Gatlin Corporation 6, Union Planters 4

@Normal:Recording 9 strikeouts and 2 walks for the victory wasTanner Delcambre. Chris Fink was credited with the loss with 1strikeout and 2 walks.

Gatlin Corporation got a single apiece from Scott Warnock andTaylor Allen.

Berry Givens sparked Union Planters with a double. Followingwith a single apiece were Casey Vanderslice and Fink.

@Subhead:Smith Machine 11, LaRue’s Drugs 4

@Normal:Pitcher Brent Henderson powered Smith Machine at theplate with a triple and a single. On the mound, Henderson struckout 8 and walked 3. Michael Pennington doubled. Ky Burke and ZackWilliams hit safely.

LaRue’s got a double from Joseph Howard. Cody Smith struck out 6and walked 6 in the loss.

@Subhead:Dickerson & Bowen 20, Check Exchange 1

@Normal:Hunter Wallace posted the win with 3 strikeouts. At bat,Wallace collected a triple, a double and a single. Shea Smithsingled twice. Brandon Foster and Jon Mark Holden singled.

For Check Exchange, Will Smith singled. Clint Stewart absorbedthe loss.

@Subhead:Brookhaven Hardware 15, Brook Barber Shop 6

@Normal:Caleb Dorman directed Brookhaven Hardware with aninside-the-park home run. Josh Winborne tripled. Collecting adouble apiece were Garrett Posey, Josh Wallace and Riko Palomarez.Singles were hit by Bayard Grillis, Nathaniel Sbravatti andJennings Mills.

Winborne earned the win with 3 strikeouts and 1 walk. PrestonHebert took the defeat with 2 strikeouts and 7 walks.

The Barber Shop was led by Taylor Herrington’s triple andsingle. Herbert and Craig Harris hit a single apiece.

@Subhead:Farm Bureau 8, Gatlin Corporation 2

@Normal:Leading Farm Bureau to the win with an inside-the-parkhomer and a double was Brice Huckaby. Josh Cunningham doubledtwice. Doubling was David Horeton. Seth Avants and Conley Ainsworthsingled.

Cunningham struck out 6 and walked 8 for the win. NickHemsletter took the loss with 7 strikeouts and 4 walks.

There were no hits for Gatlin Corporation. All were walks.

@Subhead:State Bank 6, LaRue’s Drugs 5

@Normal:Striking out 10 batters and walking 5 for the victorywas Drew Weaner. Payne McGowen took the loss, striking out 2 andwalking 4.

Matt Bowman led State Bank with a single.

LaRue’s got a triple and single from McGowen. Tripling was CodySmith. Joseph Howard doubled.

@Subhead:Smith Machine 14, Dickerson & Bowmen 7

@Normal:Brent Henderson fanned 13 batters and walked 4 for thewin. Brandon Foster struck out 6 and walked 8 in the loss.

Smith Machine was sparked by Justin Watts inside-the-park homerun. Michael Pennington tripled. Two singles were drilled byPatrick Valentine. Michael Wilson hit safely.