Minor storm damage here

Published 5:00 am Monday, June 11, 2001

Lincoln County officials believe the area got off lightly duringthe past week with few damages to report after a significant amountof rainfall fell here.

“We had a few small areas that washed a little, but nothingmajor has been reported,” said District Four Supervisor DougMoak.

Civil Defense Coordinator Clifford Galey said the area was”lucky,” because such a large amount of rainfall had the potentialto wash out bridges and roads.

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“There was probably more damage potential south of Highway 84,because since last Tuesday there was something in the neighborhoodof 15 inches reported in those areas,” said Galey, mentioningDistricts One, Three and Four.

Other districts were not left out, though, as the Brookhavenarea recorded about eight inches of rain during the week.

“We had a few trees down, but my district didn’t have much morethan that,” said District Two Supervisor Bobby Watts.

Trees were reported down on several days during times of highwinds in all of the districts, but none caused any major damage. Afew roofs did sustain minor damages.

Lincoln County officials are hoping that last week’s rain, whichcontinued into Sunday, will end today so roads that had washed outspots can be repaired.

“From what I’ve seen on the radar this morning, it’s going tomove east of us, so maybe we’re through with the rain for a littlewhile,” said Galey.