Crowe survives crash; wins Late Model crown

Published 5:00 am Thursday, June 21, 2001

MAGNOLIA – Sharing heat wins in this event were Sam Patrick,Kennith Crowe and Knight. Patrick was on the pole at the start. Onthe first lap, Chris Wall got loose and started to get out ofshape. Rodney Sheridan, Marlon Wild, Raymond Taylor and LonnieCovington all tangled with Wall on the back straightaway.

On the restart, Patrick and Crowe ran wheel-to-wheel to turn twowhere they made contact and had a six-car-pileup with Chick Boyd,Herberger Patrick, Ricky May, Knight and Bryan DeRouche.

On the restart, it was Knight on the pole. Knight took the leadbut not for long as Crowe took it back. Knight’s car died in thefourth after yellow; it refired and lagged the rear. Marlon Wildmoved into second then took over the lead from Crowe halfway. Wildled until they were down to a couple of laps to go when he lost amotor, handing Crowe the lead.

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Crowe took the win followed by May, Raymond Taylor and SamPatrick who had worked his way all the way from last up to fourth.Lonnie Covington rounded out the top five.

Novice B Main: Stephen Polk captured the Novice B Mainevent Saturday night at Pike County Speedway. Fred Hastings blastedinto the lead followed by Jason Traux. who pulled out of the racewith mechanical problems. Polk took over went on to the win. JerryArnold tried to chase Polk down but had to settle for second.Finishing third was 00 followed by Ottes in fourth and Zach infifth.

NOVICE B MAIN: Butch Jenkins jumped out quickly to takethe lead. Mike Carter moved into second place and battled Jenkinsthe rest of the race . Three times Carter passed Jenkins for thelead but a caution would send Jenkins back and Carter to second. Onthe final lap, the two ran wheel-to-wheel down the frontstraightaway. As they came around for the checkered, Carter pulledbeside Jenkins again but Jenkins got the win by a whisker. HeathChamblin, Austin Butler and Terry Lee followed. Heat winners wereRobert Petit, Chamblin and Jenkins.

PURE STOCK: Ryan Whitehead and Rusty Coopertook top honors in the heats. On the start of the Pure Stockfeature, Jamie Blades took the lead followed by Cooper until Cooperlost a drive shaft sending him to the pits. A three-wide battle forsecond took place between Whitehead, Kevin Case and Shawn Barber.Blades led every lap and scored the win followed by Whitehead, ZaneBarcelona, Barber and Billy McDaniels.

Street Stock: Kerry Vicknair and Scott Casewere the heat winners. Vicknair led every lap to score the win. Onthe start, Case and Vicknair ran wheel-to-wheel an entire lap.Richard Guidry ran third, Reuben Allred was fourth till he sufferedtechnical trouble and went in. Brad McKey lost a wheel just as hedid in the heat race. Vicknair went on to take the win, Casefinished second Don Bolton moved up to take third, Louie Moral IIItook fourth and Guidry finished fifth.

UMP: Sharing the UMP heat wins were JerryCassano and Dale Aucion. Cassano blasted in to the lead and neverlooked back. Cassano went on to score the win followed by RonGrandel, Down Hillhouse and Davin Bates.

Super Stock: Donald Collins and David Knighttook the heat wins for the 25-lap Super Stock special. On thestart, Collins got the lead followed by Knight and Billy Gordon.First yellow flew when Wayne Parent spun in two. On the restart,Robert Morel moved into third, dropping Knight to fourth.

After leading over half of the race, Collins’ car jerked comingoff four and coasted to the pits. Gordon took over as the leaderand led the rest of the way. Huphreys followed in fourth and BryanAnthony took fifth.