Group gives extra prayer effort for schools

Published 5:00 am Monday, August 20, 2001

The new school year has begun and with it comes the possibilityof violent crimes that are becoming so common in school systemsacross the United States.

Many local residents are putting forth an extra effort, though,to protect area schools from violence and bloodshed.

They are trying to make sure “shootings” is not the only wordassociated with drive-by. So an interdenominational prayer group ismaking drive-by prayers at local school.

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Each of the 15 members plans to either drive-by all the localschools, praying for the students and staff or say prayers fromtheir home on a daily basis.

“We need to include all the schools in our area, even daycarecenters,” member Betty McMullen said. “And we need more than justthis small group of intercessors; we need every praying person tojoin us in the effort.”

Members of the prayer group, who have been meeting twice a monthfor about three years, hope others will physically pray in thevicinity of the schools on a regular basis. They are suggestingthat each praying person in the area take one day a month to do so,whether it be the date of their birth or another easy-to-remembernumber.

Key chains have been passed out at a variety of local churchesto other prayer warriors committed to helping protect the youththrough prayer.

“It doesn’t hurt to do more, too, and do it every day,” saidNancy Paxton, a member of the group..

The group, which started putting more efforts into praying forthe schools a few months ago, has been using Proverbs 14:26 andPsalm 101:8 as guides.

The “prayer warriors” also pray for keeping “anti-Christcurriculum” out of the schools. They say their efforts have beenaided by a powerful tool: the voice of God.

“When we pray, things are revealed to us,” Barbara Easterwoodsaid. “God looks ahead and sees what’s going to happen, and relatesthat to us.”

The idea for covering local schools with the blood of Jesus camefrom a series of visions among members of the group.

Jerry Henderson began having visions over six years ago ofcrowds of people coming to Brookhaven. She was not sure of themeaning until recently.

“He (God) started to explain the visions by saying He was comingto Brookhaven,” she said, adding that the crowds signified peoplecoming to see him and be healed.

Henderson and other members of the group believe the groundworkis already being done in preparation for the Lord’s visit.

They also mentioned how local construction projects in recentyears have prepared the city for handling to large numbers ofpeople who will flock to Brookhaven.

The group believes protecting the children in local schoolsshould be their highest priority because “God is going use theyounger generation in the last days.”

McMullen said they are committed to making Brookhaven a city ofrefuge for children.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the group’s effortsto form a prayer wall around every school, can call Betty McMullenat 833-6042.