School board OKs lease with sheriff’s department

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Lincoln County School Board members agreed Tuesday to allow theSheriff’s Department to pursue leasing a possible Firearms TrainingRange on 16th Section land.

Superintendent Perry Miller said he had mailed a letter to StanLong, 16th section manager for the Secretary of State’s Office, andreceived their approval for a firing range. The return letterstated several items that the sheriff’s office would have to agreeto, and some things the board would have to do to make the rangepossible.

According to Long’s letter, the board would be required toreclassify the proposed four acres as “Other.” The land would alsohave to be surveyed and appraised. Long recommended the board passthese costs on to the sheriff’s department. At that point, Longsaid, the land could be leased to the department based on “annualfair market value rent and contain a rent escalation clause.”

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The board considered the proposal and asked Miller if he wouldrecommend it.

“I think all we can do at this point is to agree to lease themthe acres as long as the laws are followed,” he replied.

James Keen said he had heard from some of the residents in theproposed area, on Section 16-5-6, and they had expressed concernabout having a firing range there.

“I can’t imagine they won’t be safe about it,” Johnny L. Hartsaid.

Board members were in general agreement with Hart, and BrendaWarren pointed out she lived near the police department rangewithout any trouble.

Secretary Jerry Coon made a motion to accept Miller’srecommendation, but before a second could be made Keen said he hadanother concern.

“I want a gate or a fence,” he said.

Without them, Keen said, anyone could access the site and useit. He was worried they might not be as safe as the deputies.

The board agreed after a few minutes of discussion, and Coonamended his motion to include the provision that the property besecured.

The motion quickly carried.