Many here take advantage of day to dump bad items

Published 5:00 am Monday, September 17, 2001

Organizers say Saturday’s Household Hazardous Waste CollectionDay was a success as citizens got rid of batteries, tires, paintsand other environmentally dangerous items.

“It was really quite a success,” said Homer Richardson,household waste coordinator for Keep Lincoln County Beautiful.”It’s the smoothest it’s ever gone.”

Saturday’s event at the Brookhaven Landfill was the fourthcollection day hosted by KLCB and the city. Richardson said thecollection day has been held once about every two years.

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There were some reports to fill out to determine the exactamount of the environmental grant received to sponsor the day,Richardson said. The grant amount is determined by the amount ofmaterial hauled away. Usually around $14,000, it is matched locallythrough equipment use and manpower, he noted.

Among collected items, Richardson said there were 82 batteries,440 gallons of paint, 15 55-gallon drums of used oil and 1,000pounds of newspaper and magazines, which will be taken toGeorgia-Pacific for recycling. In all, 45 55-gallon drums ofvarious hazardous materials such as pesticides and aerosols weretaken in.

“It tells you something about the county when people go to thatmuch trouble to dispose of these items properly,” Richardson said.”It’s very positive.”

Richardson said much of the material will be taken to anincinerator in Alabama and burned.

Although he did not have an exact count, Richardson saidSaturday had by far the most white goods, such as old refrigeratorsand freezers, collected. Also, there were 550 old tires dropped offduring the day.

“This is that many more tires that won’t be on the county roadsor briar patches of Lincoln County,” said Ronnie Durr, the county’ssolid waste coordinator.

Richardson said workers counted 163 vehicles that came throughthe collection site Saturday.

“Many of them made multiple trips,” Richardson said. “A lot camethrough two, three or four times with items.”

Richardson said 19 volunteers turned out to help make the daythe success it was.

“That really made the difference for us,” Richardson said.