Cooperation needed on boulevard issue

Published 5:00 am Monday, September 24, 2001

An issue that has been bubbling under the surface for a whilenow can be a non-issue again with quick agreement by our county andcity leaders.

The issue is ownership of a section of Brookway Boulevardbetween Highway 51 and the interstate. For years, it was thought tobe under city control until city officials sought to transfer thearea to the state for maintenance.

State transportation officials balked at the request and, aftersome investigation, produced documents indicating the section ofroad belongs not to the state or city but to the county.Apparently, when the road was built, there was an agreement for thestate to purchase needed right-of-way and then have the countyassume ownership.

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Neither county nor city leaders have acted on the ownershipissue as of yet. Their engineer’s recommendation is for the countyto clear up title work before deeding the road to the city and forthe city to accept the deed.

Regardless of who owns the boulevard, it is the community’sfront door and is the first impression visitors have of Brookhavenand Lincoln County.

We urge both governmental entities to come together and makesure our front door is properly maintained to reflect the beauty ofboth our city and county.