Fox stays but Saints gone

Published 5:00 am Monday, September 24, 2001

When Jackson television station WDBD changes networkaffiliations next month, Brookhaven Cable One customers will stillhave access to Fox programming. But the switch will mean “so longSaints” for area football fans.

In reaction to WDBD’s upcoming switch from Fox programming tothe WB network, Cable One will replace CNNSI with Fox Net on Oct.1. The replacement means local customers can still watch popularFox shows such “The X-Files,” “Dark Angel,” “Ally McBeal,” and”Boston Public.”

“It’s going to affect it because now we’re going to be gettingthe national feed,” said Jullia Ivey, marketing manager, about whatthe changes mean to local viewing.

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Getting the national feed means local fans of the New OrleansSaints will only see their team when it is the featured nationalgame. Ivey said the Saints are scheduled as Fox’s featured game onSept. 30 against the New York Giants, on Oct 21 against the AtlantaFalcons and on Dec. 2 against the New England Patriots.

“They’re subject to change at any time,” Ivey said about gamescheduling.

Ivey said she’s heard more concerns about baseball thanfootball.

“I really haven’t heard too much about the Saints,” she said.”More people have commented about baseball than the Saints.”

Fox is scheduled to carry this year’s World Series. With FoxNet, viewers will be able to watch.

In addition to not losing Fox shows, Ivey was glad to see thereturn of WB programming, which includes shows like “SeventhHeaven,” “Dawson’s Creek,” and “Charmed.” That programming was lostearlier this year when Cable One dropped Los Angeles station KTLAfrom its lineup.

“WB programming is very popular with teenagers,” Ivey said.

WDBD’s decision, which takes effect Oct. 7, caught many offguard, including Cable One.

“They didn’t give us anymore notice than anybody else,” Iveysaid. “It was a shock to all of us.”

While Fox Net will become part of the regular package lineup,CNNSI is becoming part of a 13-channel digital value pak for anadditional $4 a month. Other new channels in the value pak includeCNN Financial, Boomerang, ESPN Classics, ESPNews, SoapNet, ToonDisney, Discovery Health, Discovery Wings, Discovery Science,Biography, History International and Tech TV.

To get the package, subscribers will need a satellitereceiver.

Ivey said Cable One’s offer to have the first 12 months ofreceiver service free expires in December. After the 12-month freeperiod, the receiver fee will be $8.95 a month.

Ivey said the decision to move CNNSI to the digital package wasa corporate decision. She indicated that replacing it with Fox Netwas fortunate timing.

“We were going to be looking to find something to replace(CNNSI) anyway,” Ivey said. “I was glad to see we’ll be able tooffer Fox Net.”