Tacky will be fashion trend for Kids’ Kingdom benefit

Published 6:00 am Monday, November 19, 2001

Those tacky bridesmaid dresses stuffed in the back of closetsaround town are coming back in style for a night of fun andfestivities.

Just when women thought they would get only one day of use fromtheir old dresses, the fundraising committee for the Kid’s KingdomPlayground Project created a night for those dresses to bask in thespotlight again.

“A Down Home Tribute to Tackiness” has been planned for thefirst Bridesmaids Ball at 8 p.m., Dec. 7 at Home AgainRestaurant.

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“We wanted to plan something unique for people who want to havefun and support the playground project,” said Emily Henderson,event co-chairman.

Participants are asked to wear their tackiest bridesmaid dressor evening gown and enjoy a night of “down home” food andentertainment, featuring the Rainer Brothers Band.

Men are encouraged to dress in any way they are comfortable. Alarge silent auction will offer great deals and convenient shoppingopportunities during the event.

“We are collecting many popular items and services from areavendors, and we appreciate their contributions to their community,”said Kathy Franck, fundraising co-chairman.

Organizers realized the December date was a great time tokickoff the holiday party season. They also did not want to hinderparticipants who would still be cheering for their favorite collegefootball team, so a big screen television will be on hand.

“Football season is in high gear, and we wanted to give peoplethe opportunity to attend a fun party, but also keep up with theirfavorite game,” said Leigh Todd, event co-chairman. “We did notwant to compete with other weekend activities, so this party willonly enhance what is already going on.”

Tickets for the Bridesmaids Ball are available at Castles, HomeAgain Restaurant and Expectations. They may be purchased for $25per person in advance or $35 per person at the door.

“The purchase of a ticket not only benefits the community andits children, but it also enters your name to win the honeymoontrip, even if you can’t come to the Bridesmaids Ball,” Hendersonpointed out, adding that the “great” trip will be kept a secretuntil the event.

The Bridesmaids Ball is one of the many events planned to raisemoney for Kid’s Kingdom Playground, which should be built in Aprilduring a five-day construction period. One thousand volunteers areneeded to make it possible.

Pickets that will be used to encompass the playground are now onsale, along with bricks that will be placed along the entrance walland walkways in the playground.

The bricks, which will be engraved in memory of people or inhonor of people, cost $50, while the pickets, which can be engravedwith people’s names, cost $25. They are on sale at local banks.

“It’s a great tribute to someone you love,” said Angie Warren,fundraising co-chair. “It’s also a good idea for grandparents togive their grandchildren as Christmas gifts.”

Kid’s Kingdom committee members will also host a day forpictures with Santa, from 8 a.m. to noon, Dec. 1 in the State Roomfor just $10 per child.